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  1. 1: Aliens with elemental powers are the most fun ones. Heatblast, Arctiguana, Buzzshock, Frankenstrike, Eye Guy (he can use elemental eye beams), Swampfire, Big Chill, Brainstorm, all five Andromeda aliens, Shocksquatch, etc etc. Sure, the definition may be hazy and some of the powersets may be redundant but I really like all of them and how they all have unique designs and ideas that stand out from the other standard powers we see (strength, speed, flight, durability, etc).

  2. Well OS and UAF have an excuse as per writer statement, Ripjaws wasn't meant to be used out of water and the Ultimatrix was a busted device. As for OV, I'm guessing Ripjaws can survive a couple weeks without water like humans can without food.

  3. Holy crap. I completely forgot about Bwen and that brought back a slew of disturbing memories of Bwen shippers.

  4. Duracell actually made the Pink Bunny long before Energizer did. In the 80s, Energizer made a parody commercial and this commercial did so well that Energizer trademarked it. Duracell decided to take Energizer to court and the verdict led to Energizer being able to use the Pink Bunny in the US and Canada and Duracell using the Bunny in all other parts of the world.

  5. This may be controversial, but I prefer Spanner. I like the idea of Ken being a superhero without being basically a second Ben.

  6. This. I'm sick of seeing Superheroes children being exact duplicates of their parents.

  7. They should do a full on reboot like Mortal Kombat 2011. Not the 2016 one. A reboot that basically starts from the beginning of OS and continues from there with UAF, OV, Ben 10K, Etc. By now, there's way too much lore for new fans to follow and an MK9 style reboot allows new fans to get into the franchise and old fans to experience again.

  8. I hope, one day, this fandom stops believing shit like "OV insulted Dwayne's memory" and "Derrick hated Jetray".

  9. Was just thinking that "Armageddon" would be a great nickname for this, looks like a monster made entirely of arms. You cannot escape its embrace....

  10. Really good game. The storymode could be better, but it's really good and it gets far too much shit from the community.

  11. Yeah. Takeda was easily the best of all of them and the fact that he was left in the dust still irks me.

  12. Make an MK game with Armageddon's roster + every new character, MK11's Looks, MKX's Gameplay, and MK9's story, and you have the perfect game.

  13. How did i think i was so cool? I swear in almost every comment, its just what i was raised with

  14. Idk how someone like you can bravely come back to a comment section that will mock and downvote you. Literally, almost everyone here is mocking you.

  15. I prefer Kai. They balance each other out. Besides, we wouldn't get Kenny had Ben ended up with Ester or Julie.

  16. I know some are gonna say, but what about Trump, Biden, Or BLM? Just look at rule 5 and you'll know why.

  17. Remember that the early 2020s happened all over the world, not just your country.

  18. Not sure why The Guardian is in this image, but my theory is that Ben simply got older and wanted to live a more normal life without the constant threat of aliens.

  19. I mean hey, their designs gave us a clue or two about their species and culture. Osmosians are humans with horns and eyeshadow.

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