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  1. I’m new to the actual lore of Tolkien so I know kinda basic but for me probably Minas tirith

  2. It’s not that bad. I mean it’s not that great but people are overreacting way too much. Most people are just mad about the race swapping and the politics. I don’t really care about race swapping but the politics are pretty annoying. Other than that though imo the show is mediocre. Not too bad not too good. But the people that gave this show a 6% on rotten tomatoes, any objective person would have to admit that this show doesn’t deserve a score that low. I’m a scooby doo fan too. Mystery incorporated was my childhood and is one of my favorite cartoons ever, so i do care about the characters. Also people who are mad about the character changes, what did you want to happen? The characters stay the exact same just it’s occasionally a little more violent? Y’all gotta calm down

  3. It’s a little early to say but ima go out on a limb and say the last of us

  4. For some reason I really like names that start with the letter L or at least have an L in it. I really like Lauren, and Taylor, that kind of stuff

  5. The melfi scenes are literally my favorite part of the show, what kind of maniac would skip those.

  6. I hated her at first, but she grew on me. I usually hate spoiled teenage girls by default, but as the show went on I kind of saw her through carmelas and Tony’s eyes

  7. Well maybe you need to grow some balls then

  8. Honestly the show changed me too. I started watching it because I wanted to be able to say that breaking bad is the best show of all time because the sopranos is usually what people jump to other than breaking bad. I did not like it until the end of season 4. It really affected my mental health in a bad way. Idk why, I just didn’t like the vibe this show bestowed upon me. Idk how but this is the only show to actually give me depression

  9. I know this was posted forever ago but ima give my opinion anyways. The way I saw it almost all mafia and mafia like movies take place in New York. Organized crime is kind of a staple of New York. I see it as representing how organized crime has spread everywhere and is not just in New York. Even in suburbs where people feel save from that stuff.

  10. Man of steel 2. Batman is great and honestly my favorite superhero, but the new one had a ton of problems with its characters imo. If Spider-Man 4 would have been good I might have picked it but honestly if it released it probably would have been bad. I haven’t seen zack Snyders justice league. Man of steel imo has the most untapped potential

  11. I’m busy rn so I didn’t read your reasoning, but I don’t like watching sports, but as someone who isn’t really interested, I don’t think football is boring. Football is many things but I don’t think I’d call it boring. (Unless you’re talking about the European kind then I’d probably agree with you)

  12. One time I saw this thing where someone asked if white people should have dreadlocks and I immediately said no because I think they’re ass ugly. I had no idea it was like actually a race thing. Black people pull it off a little better but I honestly don’t like dreadlocks

  13. This is fucked up. Just because somebody might be suffering more than you that doesn’t mean you have nothing to complain about. EVERYBODY complains. Constantly. The trans community just gets a bunch of shit because for some reason everybody can’t take them seriously. I’m straight and cis btw

  14. That looks like the dress that Cinderella made but got destroyed but it’s been years since I’ve seen that movie so idk

  15. Mgs4 I guess. It’s my least favorite in the series, but I still like it alright and it is an important part of the story. The ps3 also has a ton of collections of their classic games.

  16. I am going to post a fake leak on twitter saying that the government is made up of snake people and then kill myself

  17. I have a history of cancer in my family so I think I will live to about 30 and then die of cancer

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