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  1. A man in Texas died from being locked inside his Corvette.

  2. It is/was. Apparently, there is a manual release for the doors on this model of Corvette that is on the center console down in the foot well. If I recall correctly, in this particular case, the gentleman had recently purchased this car as his "dream" car, and was unfamiliar with this release mechanism.

  3. You should take him home and clean him up. The streets can be a unforgiving place for a little 10mm

  4. How long have you been in maintenance? I’ve known this since I was a kid helping my pops fix his friends cars on the weekends. And I mean single digit age.

  5. I've been in maintenance for the last 25ish years, but I have been helping my dad work on cars and run electrical since I was 8 or 9 years old.

  6. Naw fam. You fucked them up with the socket putting them in

  7. Probably used a wobble socket and slammed 'em home.

  8. It looks like a Volvo big rig with fetal alcohol syndrome.

  9. It looks like a flat bill cap with wheels attached

  10. As an American Vet they get me right down to the chills because of their use in Military funerals usually

  11. This is my favorite rendition of Amazing Grace with bagpipes by far.

  12. That is your condesate drain for your air handler. Probably 3/4" pvc. You can fix it yourself if you have a few basic tools. You will need a small length of pvc pipe and a new 90° elbow, at least one coupling, some pvc glue and cleaner, and a saw or pvc cutters.

  13. This is one of our Chevy work vans, it got sent out because it looked like it had the mange. Comes back looking like this, I pointed it out to the fleet manager and he just shrugged his shoulders.

  14. I wish I knew, we've had several that recently went out for paint, all with the same paint issues.

  15. Anderson Indiana- We are the official crossroads of drugs and dumbass in America.

  16. This news item is from Anderson, South Carolina.

  17. I'm gonna assume that they fk'd the stud and replaced it...and then put it where that you'd find it?

  18. Nope, tire shop didn't tell him anything. The picture is after we replaced the stud ourselves. We were replacing the struts on the car, and found this stud was cross threaded by the tire shop.

  19. Ah, ok. I assumed that you found it on the floor mat, or something.

  20. I wish that were the case. This was on the last tire we had to remove in order to replace the strut, so my FIL had to make a parts run while I finished up with the strut.

  21. At every job I have worked that I had to drive propane powered lift equipment, I was taught to put the empty cylinder in the rack backwards to eliminate confusion as to which cylinders were full and which cylinders were empty. Doing this also helps the person who refills the cylinders, because they can tell how many cylinders need refilling by seeing how many cylinders are turned around backwards in the rack.

  22. That appears to be tile backer board. Perma Base brand is made like this.

  23. If you find a new contractor to take over the project, don't be surprised if they want to open up walls (if the previous guy put up any framing and drywall) and redo the work. If I were coming in behind the previous contractor, I would not feel comfortable leaving his work and adding my own. In starting the work over, if there should be an issue in the future, it would give absolute clarity as to which person is responsible for the issue. Depending on the contractor, your project may grow in scope.

  24. As a physician, liability is a source of anxiety for me every single day, so I get that.

  25. If you get the right contractor on board, they should be able to complete your project without trouble.

  26. If this is just outside of your garage, it may be that the previous owners had large oil stains in that area from their vehicles and used muriatic acid to clean the area prior to selling.

  27. You may be able to rent a small curb machine from an equipment rental company to put the bed edging in. There are several companies that make machines for this, and there are several videos of these machines on YouTube. The curbing by itself doesn't look terrible, and can be colored and stamped to look like stone work. They may want to consider a different material other than concrete if they are set on having a walkway around their entire house, such as stone, pea gravel, or wood chips.

  28. Cut the holes into the walls for the speakers first. Use those holes as a way to access the top plate of the wall to drill your holes for the speaker wires. Use your flexible fish poles to feed the wire up to your friend in the attic, and do the same for the other speaker. You may have to disconnect the wire from the pole in the attic and bring it back down and refeed the pole from below if you are looping the speakers together.

  29. The bend you are noticing at the top is that the threaded adjustable part of the column is almost unscrewed from the column. These adjustable columns only have a short amount of adjustability, and are meant for temporary or additional means of support, not the primary means of support.

  30. oooh nice. what car was it on? I'm at 150k on a mazda 3. wondering how long I've got on my clutch but she shifts like a champ still.

  31. This is on my 1999 Ford Ranger, with a 2.5l four cylinder. The clutch started slipping a bit on take off, and was starting to get harder to shift. Finally got time to pull it, expecting to find something worse.

  32. Well, yeah, a 4cyl Ranger doesn't make enough power to smoke anything more than the valve cover gaskets.

  33. Hey now, I'll have you know I have outrun at least 3 grocery carts and a dude on a bicycle... I only got him cause we were going downhill.

  34. Your drip edge appears to be installed too tight to the fascia. The water is clinging to the fascia via surface tension and running down the soffit. If the drip edge was installed new with the roof, the roofers should have left a gap between the drip edge and fascia to allow the water a space to break the surface tension and drip off.

  35. You sure an electric golf cart can't go over 60 mph?

  36. I guess you wouldn't have to worry about it for too long at that speed.

  37. I would do a little research before you sign a contract with Bill. Does Bill have all of the tools and resources to do a proper job? Does he have enough manpower to do the job properly, or will he try to be a one man show? If he doesn't have the proper tools and manpower, it will more than likely take him longer to do the job. Not saying he will do a bad job, it will take him longer (demolition, haul off of demo, even staging materials) if he doesn't have help.

  38. sometimes some exposed wood is unavoidable, as you need to make sure the gutter is sloped enough to drain correctly. It would be nice if they'd put some flashing of some sort in when that's the case, but where it's out of sight for most customers, there's not really a lot of incentive for the contractor to do it.

  39. That nail is probably from the roofers shooting too close to the edge when they were installing the shingle over intake venting. That should have been corrected then, but wasn't.

  40. You are correct. There were several nails like that at the intake vent that we had them fix. They actually installed 5" gutters first, instead of the 6" that they were suppose to install. This picture was from before they fixed the nails and it still had the 5" gutters on. But the new ones are installed identically. I asked the company about the gutters not being under the drip edge and they said its normal.

  41. "Normal" for how they usually install them and what's correct are two different things. Ideally, they would have brought it to your attention, and told you that they could do it better with a little more time, effort, and material. Had they done that, even if they had to charge a little more, I'm sure that you would have been grateful and not had a problem with it.

  42. If you are thinking about putting a window or pane of glass there, you may have to use tempered glass due to how low the window is to the floor and to the deck. You may be able to check with your local codes inspectors to double check before you install the window.

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