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  1. Unless you get court documented >50% custody, you cannot move out as a male. It’s not in our AFI as a reason for termination. Your shirt is not lying.

  2. Hey, E-8 here. I would be making this happen all day. I’ve never been a shirt, but I’ll be damned if one of my troops now has a dependent and is unable to collect the one and only pay/allowance that actually accounts for dependents, BAH. Your SEL and Commander need to be tracking this NOW. If your shirt can’t manage to rub elbows and turn up the heat with dorm management, tell your supervisor you would like to setup a meeting with the Chief and Commander. This should be a quick fix, and more importantly shows more double standards and outdated rules of operating. Please follow up with us.

  3. They don't have a dependent though... Not yet. If they did they wouldn't need the ETP. Agree with the outdated rules on it though, could be updated. Might be because a male can't prove the child is theirs until birth... Still sucks though.

  4. I didn’t say anything about an ETP. The DOD needs to use current social norms as the guide for these types of situations. We need to stop forcing young people to get married merely to collect more money, sooner when a kid is on the way or for his healthcare to cover the cost of the child’s birth. Also, as you mentioned, knowing that he will in fact move out sooner than normal due to the situation, should be enough justification to do it now rather than later. This doesn’t actually cost the Air Force anything and greatly increases the morale of the member.

  5. .25 inches and my wife probably wouldnt have left me /s

  6. Wow what a crazy story! What are the chances you buy the ticket and meet the man himself on the same day???!!

  7. Not just in the same day, but in the same hour and he’s staying in the same hotel and the same floor

  8. All I’m going say is, “Mr. Corgan, I know you read the subreddit, I’m in room 222. Hook me up with tagging along! Please”

  9. You know what I hate, when people in Hawaii, or even people that were stationed there as their last base, writing people NOT in Hawaii and starting their email off with "Aloha." Dude, fuck off. Your last name is Smith, you spent 3 years in Hawaii, it's always snowing where I'm stationed when I get an email from you, and you keep putting up the shaka hand sign in every photo. You're not making CMSAF. Fuck off dude, you're from Ohio.

  10. You’re gonna lecture him about his lack of social awareness because he let someone screaming right next to him know that she was being loud? Lmao your priorities are way out of whack. A 55 year old behaving like a small child because she didn’t know there was a cash back limit at a grocery store… like there has been at every grocery store in America for the past 20+ years… and you attack the only person with enough balls to say something.

  11. Haha, I didn’t attack. I’m saying kids shouldn’t be getting involved in this kind of stuff. He talked to her like he was an equal or as if she were inferior until she focused on him and then let his mom do all the talking after that. It’s typical childish behavior.

  12. Literally the last line of your comment says “and you attack the only person with enough balls to say something”. I have not disagreed at any point that the lady was out of line, she absolutely was, but this teenager has no business jumping into the mix. I agree that an adult should have made more of a point to take control of the situation, but teenagers must be educated to stay out of hostile ADULT situations. He wasn’t at work, or working. He was with his mother and pulled out his camera with the only intention of getting views on Reddit.

  13. As an NCOIC, you are not that important, sorry. Talk to your section chief and let them know your intentions and offer a solid replacement to fill your spot while your gone. That is a win win for all parties. Aside from that, you need to dissect why you’re so burnt out. Are you too busy because you’re doing someone else’s job? Can some of the work be delegated? Do you need to improve your time management? These are all important questions, because I don’t need to know your afsc or how many subordinates you have to know that as SSgt/TSgt shouldn’t be as “burnt” as you claim to be, so something needs to be improved.

  14. Just as an FYI....was in a briefing done by A1 roughly 2 weeks ago...the talk of the stache getting like this has the potential of happening. One small step at a time.

  15. Haha, just went through a lot of your recent comments. You’ve been sprinkling the force with all the CT nuggets for a month now.

  16. Pretty much any MX bathroom I've seen. But this could be anywhere. Although not all, I've seen some nice MX compounds too. And I doubt OP has discussed his concerns with anyone who can do something about it. I'm 100 percent for improvement in workplaces and making a work environment someone would be proud to work in.

  17. I’ve been in 17 years as a maintainer and have been stationed at 8 bases, this is not “pretty much any mx bathroom”. I’m asking OP where it is because they have not talked to “everyone” yet.

  18. I am also a maintainer. Maybe aircraft/base specific? Because I can tell you for certain our bathrooms have been bad everywhere I've been. Been in 9 years and they are all gross.

  19. Sorry man, but your bathrooms have NOT looked like OPs at your bases. I’m not saying mx is known to have pristine latrines, but most commanders would NEVER allow that. I have worked fighters, heavies, special mission and not seen an OPEN bathroom that’s looked like that ever. Unless this is some damage that happened over the weekend, it needs to be shutdown as it is not safe.

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