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UN says Israel must give up nuclear weapons

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Russia Invasion of Ukraine Live Thread

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  1. You'll get demonized by everyone as an annoying eco-warrior-tree-hugger. It's wild how much regular people hate anyone actually taking action.

  2. Using civilians as cover for military objects is also a war crime. If you use a town as a fortification, you forfeit the right to claim the other side is committing war crimes when they bombard it.

  3. Saying that he was abusing women is disingenuous. He was rocking a car back and forth because he was being an A-hole and thought it was funny to see the extra being bumped around. There’s nothing that suggests he targeted her because she was a woman.

  4. 500.000 people have died in Tigray. It is still ongoing. They've weaponized HIV. No one has sent them a single box of ammo

  5. Say Ukraine surrenders, what is the guarantee Ukraine and Ukrainians are left alone? The last time they surrendered to Russia, the holodomor happened.

  6. Russians still have to live in Ukraine after the war. Russia will will use these on USA, UK, Germany and Canada instead. If NATO escalates war that far.

  7. Dude weapon deals are made, bought and paid for not begged for

  8. I disagree with it, but issue is that NATO is a tool of American hegemony, and expansion into Ukraine gives it power projection into a region dominated by Russia.

  9. You think NATO will put boots on the ground for a non-member? Genuinely asking

  10. I get your point, but isn't more likely that those referendums are legitimate. I will explain why. Those are ethnic Russian people. Those regions have been conquered by Russian empire from the ottomans (there was no Slavic or European presence there apart from Crimea). Those regions were build up and populated by the Russians. And about 30 years ago they separated. Similar to how Germany wanted to reunify after 45 years. But as soon as Russia does it then everyone cries foul

  11. You do realize there was history for this region before the Ottomans? Like kievan rus. Or the cossacks? Many more actually.

  12. what about those dying in yemen, syria, armenia, etc.?

  13. They don't matter for Europe as they are not in the immediate vicinity. That's the truth

  14. so europe isnt flooded by migrants from these war torn countries? it didnt cause any issues? lol

  15. Even then taking migrants is weird, since most nations don't take refugees of different cultures. You don't see Ukrainian refugees in Saudi, for example.

  16. I can't recall a time when China's foreign relations were swayed by humanitarian issues. Why would this be different?

  17. Do you think China's relations will remain the same if Russia uses a WMD in Ukraine?

  18. Many people have claimed that this is all because "SECURITY CONCERNS" and the like. It would not take even 10 minutes to find a threat where someone defends the invasion by saying "Denazification" "Security concerns".

  19. This wil lnot lead to mobilization. Russia has conscripts to use before even thinking about mobilisation.

  20. It's Russian gas and the can do with it what ever they want. Russia is very merciful to Europe because it has not yet stopped the flow of oil and gas to hostile states. In the opposite case, it would happen from the first day.

  21. Stopping gas? Trying to freeze Europe? Supporting far right extremists all over Europe?

  22. That they're claiming this as a victory confirms that territory is more important than people for the Ukrainian leadership

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