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  1. When she returns from maternity leave, how long would she have been working for you? There should usually be a $1-2 raise every year, so perhaps you explain to her you’re forgoing her usual yearly raise and keeping her rate the same because she’s bringing her child. You hired a nanny so that your child could have 1 on 1 care. Have a discussion with her about expectations, how she’ll manage caring for a newborn and a toddler at same time, what the daily routine will look like. You should also ask if she plans to enrol her child in daycare eventually - then you’ll know if this is a short-term situation or if you’d rather find a different nanny. Even with her bringing her own child, it’s usually rare for a nanny’s hourly rate to go down versus staying the same or going up. So while I think it’s fair for you to be asking this, I think it’s also fair for your nanny not to want to go down in pay.

  2. I’ve heard of something similar but only for live-ins. The family can get some sort of tax write off if the nanny lives in their home. Even if the family deducts rent from the nanny’s payment, those incurred living expenses could be considered a tax write-off. I’ve never heard of this happening when the nanny lives elsewhere. The NF paying rent to someone else would be a concern - what if one day they are having financial problems and don’t pay? What if they’re late paying rent?

  3. Not the standard and it’s absolutely ridiculous for you to have to wait for reimbursement. Sometimes I’m okay with using my own money first and they pay me back but my NF always asks if that’s okay with me. They also always pay me back the same day or at the end of the week. If it’s not okay with me, they give me cash. Them having separate finances is a BS excuse for you asking they give you a credit card for these purchases. There’s no reason why they can’t get a credit card solely for your use and then MB and DB pay it separately ie. if MB asks for a $10 belt, she sends $10 payment to the credit card. If DB buys a $20 Starbucks run, he sends that amount as a bill payment.

  4. Check Facebook and Kijiji regularly. I got an ikea dresser, two night stands and a bookshelf for free via those two places. Over the years though, not all at once. I would also check daily for free items because free ikea furniture goes really fast.

  5. Do they require you to take NK somewhere that you can only go with a car? I don’t think it’s fair and they might actually be offended if you ask for help with a car payment. A stipend for gas and putting milage on your car is fair, but not the car payment yourself.

  6. Honestly one of my babysitting families is constantly asking for hours and I know they have been looking for a nanny, do you think I could utilize that?

  7. Would this new family be able to offer comparable hours? I definitely think you can bluff and say you got a job offer for X pay per hour and can current family match it, so that you don’t leave. Your only real problem is current family choosing to find a new nanny that will stay at current rate and giving you notice. So you have to ask yourself: if current family gives me 2 weeks notice, can I find a new job in that time or live off savings until I find a higher paying job?

  8. I can understand not leaving. Familiarity of routine, already having a bond with current nanny kids, etc.

  9. Look for a new job and then give 2 weeks notice. It’s very unrealistic to ask someone not to work for an entire month AND right after the holidays aka most expensive time of year. If she’s starting a new job, wouldn’t she need you? Or do you think the new job actually starts in February but old job ends in end of December?

  10. In the contract they refer to banking hours as saving them to use for a later date. As they want to pay me salary, so in the case I do not go in they have already payed me. So there would be a few events where I would go over the 44 hours but they would technically not pay me or provide me with over time since they have already paid me for those hours in another pay period. I’m not really too worried about adding an hour here or there but when it comes to if NK has covid, those hours they are sick will be as per contract at their discretion to use at a later date which could end up being a whole 44 hours I would have to make up in a pay period without pay or ot

  11. I personally would look at different jobs then. If it’s this hard to agree on a contract, I can see further issues coming up. Are the duties you’re responsible for specifically listed in your contract? i.e. only responsible for children’s laundry but not family’s laundry etc.? If they aren’t, I can see them asking for non-childcare related duties if you come in when children are sick. “Clean the bathrooms, dust something, etc. because you’re here anyways but I don’t need you watching the kids”.

  12. There is no ‘banking hours’ happening here. If she doesn’t work she doesn’t get paid. The employer isn’t asking her to work 50 hours one week and 30 hours the next and ‘banking’ the 10 extra hours to add to the shorter week. They’re saying they’re not paying her if she doesn’t work and giving her the option to make up the hours. That is not banking hours.

  13. In Canada, if she puts guaranteed hours in her contract, she can still get paid for those if the family cancels on her. OP shouldn’t have to use her own vacation pay or sick days if the family is sick and/or cancels a shift on her. Working extra hours is all fine and good but lots of people are busy outside of the contracted hours.

  14. Use tea tree oil in your shampoo, use a straightener/iron on your hair (the heat kills the eggs). My sibling got lice a few times as a kid, they LOVED their hair and my mom always did the tea tree oil and put mayonnaise in their hair, then a bag on top so that the lice couldn’t breathe. I was super lucky, I never got lice but I either always had my hair up or straightened it.

  15. To clarify, you now pay $1400 monthly rent or the landlord has increased the rent by $200 each year since 2018 & for 2023 wants to do a $400 increase? Continue paying the $1400 rent, he can’t evict you and any N4 (for late/incomplete rent) he gives you will be invalid. He’d have to take you to the LTB and will be laughed out for the illegal increase. FYI, the rental increase for 2023 is 2% I believe so the maximum increase would be $28. For 2022, it was 0%.

  16. I saw your reply and 11:30-4:30 will be hard to fill. Nannies who have two PT jobs are usually doing a morning care job and an after school care job. Meaning after school care could start anywhere from 2:30-4 pm to 5/6 pm. I can only see a nanny taking your job if they have an early morning care job like 5 am to 9/10 am. They’d need to be working enough hours in the morning to sacrifice an after-school position in order to take your job, as yours is more of a midday type job. Your nanny can’t work an 8-12 position or a 2:30-6 position.

  17. Speaking as a nanny, I would love a personalized gift along with the cash bonus. Even something like a mug with a personal message/inscription on it (Dear Nanny, Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas! I appreciate and love how much you take care of me etc. Love NK) or one of those frames that your child can decorate and include a photo of NK and nanny (if you have that). It could even be a combination of a personalized gift and a regular gift (candle, perfume/fragrance, chocolate, etc.).

  18. $4 raise once the twins arrive/she starts caring for them (so $2 for each new child she’s now taking care of) and an additional $1 raise in July 2023. Three children 2 years and younger will be hard and you will want your nanny to know her work is appreciated. Even if the toddler eventually goes to school in May, the job will still be hard.

  19. I personally would be okay with the 7 days on/7 days off with a slightly higher pay. You have to consider that some nannies would usually fill in all those hours off with a second job but the rotational job hours would make finding a second family hard to find, except for occasional care. So I think you might have to offer a higher pay or offer extra pay for those weeks off, to make up for the odd schedule.

  20. I did not realize second nanny jobs were so common. This is really good to know.

  21. Yes. I’m actually working a PT nanny job and a PT psw job right now plus occasional babysitting jobs. In the past, I’ve done a FT nanny job and PT nanny job at same time.

  22. I have a 2017 Hyundai Ioniq full electric. Best car purchase I ever made. I’d definitely recommend getting on a waitlist now as most dealerships are saying it’s a 1-2 year wait. I’ve heard anyone who ordered a 2022 EV and didn’t get one were transferred to a 2023 order, so you definitely want to get in the queue now. Most EVs now have a 300+ km range so you’ll likely be able to use it for longer trips too. I’ve driven from Toronto to Quebec City and back three times and my car has an official range of 217 km.

  23. What kind of educational background do you have? I saw your comment that your job requires a lot of math? Can you offer tutoring to elementary/high school students on your days off? Math tutors are in high demand and a lot of tutors are doing everything through zoom nowadays. Do you have any experience with children? I make an extra $200/month cash babysitting. Sometimes I make even more when there’s a school holiday or PA day. You’ll need to find a second job or something that brings in a little extra cash each month.

  24. I was scrolling to see if anyone mentioned EVs before I posted! I have a Nissan Leaf and I love it; I charge at home and can plug in in my NF’s driveway if I need a boost after my 30 minute commute, and I have two car seats that fit easily in there.

  25. One of my relatives used to have the original Leaf, before they bought a Bolt and Kona!

  26. It’s a good car, my 2NK recently helped me unplug my car at the end of my shift so I showed him how it works and now he points to the porch outlet and says “dat makes Nanny’s car go!” 🚙💙

  27. Awww, that’s so cute! A past NK of mine (now look after just occasionally instead of full-time) has a magazine of all new/upcoming EVs and he loves talking about which EV he wants haha.

  28. Info: If she has an iPhone, do you have any kind of apple device like a MacBook or iPad where she can airdrop the photos to you? So that last 10 minutes of the day, make time so that she can airdrop them with you, should only take a few minutes. When I do that from my iPhone to MacBook the photo quality is usually the same. You might have to have your apple product open at same time or make sure the airdrop is turned on. While 2.5 hours to transfer photos is a ridiculous amount of time, I can see that happening if she’s transferring each photo one by one instead of selecting all at once AND she has a slow computer.

  29. I’m glad you know why your child hates your nanny and can take action to keep your daughter safe!

  30. I know how you feel, I sweat so bad especially if it’s summer and I’m outside with the kids! You might want to try an aluminum-based deodorant. I went through a period of time where I was sweating really badly from my armpits. I showered everyday, wore clean clothes once etc. and only wearing an aluminum-based deodorant helped. The bad sweating armpits just started randomly so I didn’t even know what set it off and then it went away. I also think you’ll be okay wearing scent-based deodorant because I can honestly never smell them compared to actual perfume. Unless you have a nanny contract that specifically states you can’t wear perfume/fragrance and the NF has a doctors note that says they get migraines from fragrance, it’s a bit ridiculous to make you smell bad by using regular, plain deodorant.

  31. I find the “needs a car for a live-in position” really interesting because I’ve never met a nanny working a live-in position who wasn’t provided a car by the NF. Some of them even used the car for non-NF things.

  32. We call it a police check in Canada too. You go to a police station or a city building that can give out police checks. They search your name & address and give you an official looking piece of paper that says if you’ve been convicted of a crime and if you’re legally allowed to work in the vulnerable sector aka schools, daycare, can be around children.

  33. Definitely talk to your NF about their concerns and ask they put a fence around the pool. It depends on city bylaws but usually a backyard pool needs a fence around it for liability reasons AND has to be a certain distance away from the actual backyard fence. The NF’s house insurance could even be cancelled for not having a fence around it. It’s for reasons like if someone jumps the fence and ends up falling in the pool or a person comes into the backyard and injures or accidentally drowns because the pool wasn’t properly secured.

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