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Something isn't adding up

  • By - x2o6

  1. Do you get deals or anything for working there? That's pretty nice

  2. Totally, what you’re saying absolutely happens and seems to be especially true in your anecdotal experience. I appreciate you redacting you’re initial response.

  3. And what’s your experience if you believe mine is so “anecdotal”? I’ve been in the business since January of 2021 when the shortage all started.

  4. It’s anecdotal by definition. You’re speaking of your experience at your dealership for your brand which cannot be used as an indicator for an entire market especially given the context of the huge number of posts on this sub that indicate otherwise.

  5. I said “my dealer doesn’t do markup but I understand most do” touching on the fact that yes other dealers do. Which in turn is not encapsulating the entire market with my market. But is all dependent upon how you buy your new car.

  6. It is actually Normal. It’s to cover licensing fees pay the title clerks at the dealer and at the other financial institution that is taking the loan and B&O tax. It’s perfectly legal and someone has to pay the fees and it’s not going to be the dealer. Most places it’s only $500 tho

  7. If it flashes the computer aren’t reading them or they’re non existent. If it just says low then you more then likely need to reset the baseline. That can happen due to switching to an aggressive tire to a light duty tire and vice versa. Worked at discount tire

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