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  1. Bruh I can't even hold anything, much less a pen on 400mgs

  2. It's my tolerance now being able to take 1200mg+ and still feeling like it's not enough cause I would be binging for weeks on end, not a good thing lol, but it does allow me to be more controllable while tripping instead of being useless like when I first started years ago. Whenever I make art dexxn my lines are never perfectly straight but I always go back when I'm sober and fix any shakey lines with a fat sharpie n it always works out not too bad

  3. Yess Instagram filter since I haven't colored it yet, I wanted it to look extra trippy, plus it looked crazzy while I was trippinn

  4. Your simply uneducated for asking that question in general. It contains other ingredients that will kill you with abuse. Get a DXM only product if you want a good dxm high and want to live longer if you take dxm. Period.

  5. just get r30s save up don’t worth shitting liquid

  6. As a psychonaut R30's make me feel like my Heart Bpm is 200 when im peaking, but in reality it really spikes up to 190-160 bpm and only happens with R30s 🙄 I can't say they aren't fun and trippy tho 😝

  7. bro me too it’s almost like a sarcastic laugh

  8. I literally sound like Muttley from whacky races mixed with joker from batman I love it lol !

  9. Alone ! I've tripped with a good friend I grew up with and although it was cool and all I would have rather of tripped alone, I saw his crazy drugged out manic state of him and he saw mine, I don't like anyone to see me in that state 650mg+ robotabs & promethazine combo. There was this one time me and the same friend took dxm around 500mg and 3 tabs of gel tab acid. We were hearing and feeling people breathe behind us, hearing voices, seeing crazy visuals that felt like hell we both believed we were seeing stuff we were NOT supposed to be seeing and crossed the line in the visual world and it was the scariest trip I have ever been through even scarier than a large dose of N-BOMB that was also a hell trip. And we both felt like we NEEDED each other to be around until the trip was over or else we would go insane. DXM alone will never do that to me tho and love tripping dxm alone

  10. The monkeys who only took mdma had less serotonin for the next few years after compared to the monkeys who had mdma and dxm

  11. Them monkeys getting lit ! That's such crazy news I always knew dxm had some type of mental healing properties !

  12. Don't go overboard, there's a whole lot more to the brain than serotonin receptors

  13. Your definitely right, DXM is bad for you no natter what in my eyes, ion think my heart appreciates my use at all

  14. Not even mentioning your trying to do this with Poli ?? That might be the dumbest shit I ever heard in a long time, I've heard some pretty dumb ass shit in my time but this is top 2.

  15. Will smith slapping Chris Rock... No In all seriousness you are right, Nothing tops smoking Cough Syrup plastic

  16. No I think it would be a better place if people were taught love instead of greed.

  17. There's people who take acid and turn to serial killers. Search up "The Acid king" on youtube. Which I can definitely see why. It's all about how you THINK + a drug = result" I for example could not even hurt a fly Or can't even think about violence on psychs, yet I also know that if I really wanted to I could let a drug take over me If I do enough if it and can turn into something I'm not easily IF I wanted to, I have so much self control and so much love for everything I couldn't come to that result yet mental health is serious and affects people differently. I used to think the same that everyone needs pshycs but for some it just turns negative instead of a positive experience because how they were born, who they are and how they think. It all starts at the motherboard of a human which is an individuals brain 🧠

  18. Last trip had me in a weird mental space. I know doing dxm with alcohol is dangerous but I had a few beers, a few redbulls, weed and it really made me feel like in heaven.

  19. Yessirr I know the combo is horrible but I remember too having a beer & then a couple more cause the feeling was nothing like just dxm alone, it was definitely a combo and came with a heavenly feeling cloud 9 mellow shit. I had overdid the combo once one night and I literally blacked out on the bathroom floor with my pants down for 10 hours or so and woke up the next day not knowing what happened or any memory and that was an extremely scary feeling so never again lmao

  20. Try this out for me. Works with pretty much every drug but especially dissociatives like DXM and Nitrous. Move your hands and arms and fingers and make shapes/movements/"mudras". Like move your hand around and just fill the air and your visual field with your hand dancing around to music or something. Your visuals and thoughts will change when you do it "the right way". Sometimes I'd get overwhelming urges to do certain hand symbols and movements and like move my hands around because it makes the music even deeper. Trust me bro.

  21. I'm already hip bro I'm a professional freestyle animation Dancer myself and I get deep into the creative process and makes every experience alot better. I'm crazy at tutting too you can check my stuff out if you want on Instagram @fyecasper , I'm a professional videographer as well so all my content is high quality, I've done a couple of them straight dexxed out lol

  22. Never been a fan of star wars evveeeerrr but sounds like a night with 900mg would change that lol

  23. My local seven eleven, they have these bottles of Benylin that contain 300mg of dxm. Nothing else.

  24. What an awesome 7/11 you have, I've only ever seen dxm with other bad shit in it at 7/11. Even if I'm not shopping for dxm in any store I'm always excited to see the selection each store sells

  25. I've sat and listened to my air vents on 650+mg dxm & I heard demons talking about how they wanted to torture me, one said to the other demon "let's bend him, let's bend him in half" I obviously knew it was audio hallucinations, but my delusional dissociated brain thought at the time I was hearing voices from hell. Also other times my air vents have sounded like Ray guns "pew pew pew pew !" Very annoying if you just let yourself sit there and listen to it for hours

  26. I chose Freebase cause it's always stronger of a trip, but my most profound trippy experience iver ever had on any drug I've ever taken (tried alot of different ones) was HBR this one time that i could not ever replicate again. My whole reality turned 2D right before my eyes, my room was a flat 2D plane & when I looked outside my window, I had delusions and visuals of my house being and floating in space, it broke my brain then repaired it :D

  27. "Ion ever do shitt at work, I'm in here just stealing company time" 😂😂😂 Drawing is dope

  28. I’m a server, Covid hit and games canceled so we have some down time. I did this over a period of a few hours whenever I had a few minutes

  29. Beast mode playing COD zombies on DXM

  30. Yooo your hip, that's my go to now days when I dex. The zombies are all tripped out and ima beast at shooting them muffakaass all tweaked out, it always feels real like I'm really bout to die if I don't survive. I've been playing WW2 Zombies dexxed out it's my favorite

  31. Man tolerance with this chemical is the worst cause you needa double or triple or quadruple your dosage just to feel a little the same. I've learned this very recently with 30 tabs of some good stuff, after day 1 I was taking 8 tabs and still redosing after that, all of it was gone by day 3. Day 2 and 3 felt like a huge waste I should've kept my stash and did something else to pass time and wait 2 weeks for my brain to reset I was just so excited

  32. Your not lying the baby and truck scene has to be the most saddest part In a movie I've ever seen in my life. I've always teared up watching it EVERY time. Ima search that scene up and see if I still have a heart, I usually can laugh at stuff like that cause D A R K H U M O R. But they just did it so good and realistic especially when they show his little shoe fly off in slow motion

  33. I’m just gonna pour it out. I’ve already been binging this stuff for 3 days straight

  34. I never really like the 3rd day of binging it feels dangerous and irresponsible and junkie-ish, the 2nd day is always the best still real dangerous tho. I apluad you for being responsible. I'm currently trying to quit this shiittt after 5 years of abuse I really fucced around n got addicted

  35. I don’t even like redosing dxm is way better in moderation or else you’ll lose the magic quick

  36. I've found that to not lose the magic you gotta try different forms of it, that's worked for me 100% I've lost magic with HBR cause that's all I did, I would take 900mg and magic was gone completely it didnt even do anything to me at all besides make my heart race and usually that dose would blassst me. I then switched to Freebase during that same time period and finally had the magic all back with 1 650mg dose. When that finally lost magic after couple months, I switched over to Poli and found the magic all over again almost as if I just tried it for the first time in my life. Wonder if anyone else has had same experiences

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