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  1. I mean, it kinda wasn't. The iPhone came out 15 years ago.

  2. I never really touch side stories, I'm sure there's some gold in there, but as you say I prefer having the full group to play off of each other and to play to their strengths.

  3. I held off on it for the longest time because it is a truly different vibe and the not so great ones really meander and drag. But it's great methadone when you can't get a full new episode fix. Plus in the end you're hanging out with Ben and Henry.

  4. I figured out I was bi as late as 30. I've known many men who found out as late as 60 years old. I'm not kidding. They go through their life on autopilot, find a good woman to settle down with, she dies, they start looking around and raise that they never even considered whether they were sexually attracted to males (like myself), and then they explore and figure themselves out.

  5. I didn't even think bisexual men existed until college. I spent a long time terrified that I was a closet gay and forcing myself to be attracted to women. Sure coulda used some context and information back when I first started getting crushes on people.

  6. So someone has been security gay for 65 years. They watched gay marriage legalized in 2008. They saw the massive support and acceptance of their preferred lifestyle. Yet today they still are in the closet?

  7. If you've lived a closeted life for 65 years, odds are very good that you would feel you have more to lose than to gain by coming out. I didn't feel comfortable fully outing myself as bi--to my family or outside a specific circle of friends and coworkers--because hey, I'm married to a woman, and maybe it'd change my family's feelings about me, and I like my life the way it is, so who really needs to know? And I'm only 38!

  8. I'm still masking up on public transit/planes/a lot of crowded places. Still carry hand sanitizer, wash my hands more often. COVID test if I feel lousy after being around people. But I've kind of made my peace with it. If I catch it

  9. Nope. The only reason to oppose LGBT rights if being LGBT is a choice is: you believe there's something fundamentally harmful about/wrong with being LGBT that is only excusable if you literally can't be anything other than LGBT.

  10. Voting should be mandatory. Not a harsh punishment, like a $20 fine or something, but you should have to vote. In turn, the state should bend over backwards to make it easy for you to vote.

  11. JOE: Y'know, a lot of people don't want to talk about what you do, your ideas, your philosophy. Like, they don't even want me talking to you, they're mad I even have you on my show. Why do you think that is?

  12.'s technically illegal to protest outside a judge's home. Even on a public sidewalk. Because you might influence the judge's ruling. Even though free speech is a fundamental right, we've decided there are times and places you cannot exercise it.

  13. I mean Ive always assumed they get away with it because it makes people actually listen to the ads. Most podcasts I skip right over them but I'll always give it a listen if Henry's doing it, especially since they left Spotify

  14. Hell, I actually bought a bag of Mothman's Red-Eyed Blend specifically because of Henry's ad. I paid 20 bucks for a pound of coffee because of his ad reads. I usually buy whatever I can get for $5 or less!

  15. For once, I'm happy I'm still stuck with my (apparently immortal) 2008 Civic

  16. Suburbs too. DuPage is running a specific taskforce to crack down on catalytic converter theft. Just last night they caught a crew in Villa Park.

  17. Sweet lord, how much money is in selling CCs if they're carrying armor-piercing ammo?!

  18. Then you call the FBI, like a good citizen, rather than excitedly meeting with the foreigners in secret because you think this evidence, provided by a foreign government, can help you win a domestic election.

  19. Doctors far more informed on this matter than you or I suggest that "affirming," as you call it, is in fact the best treatment for dysmorphia dysphoria. Doesn't even need to be surgical or anything, even just socially transitioning can help. Why do you know better than those doctors?

  20. Ugh, brain no function well coffee without, thank you

  21. People keep bringing up prosecuting mothers for abortions like it’s the ultimate horror, but I don’t see why. When there’s a solid case they should be.

  22. Personally, I don't get how someone can say "abortion is murdering children," then say "but it's okay to murder children if the circumstances are sufficiently sad or unpleasant," and say "and if a woman does get an abortion, we should punish the doctor, but not her."

  23. Aye. Shary Bobbins and I were engaged to be wed back in the old country. Then she got her eyesight back.

  24. The senate is made up of geriatrics. If we had them stand up and talk, the primary traffic on Capitol Hill would be ambulances from the strokes they'd have.

  25. If you cannot actually debate, what reason is there to delay a vote? What am I paying these people for? Vote on bills! Debate bills that won't pass! Do it until you die on the floor and we get a non geriatric Senate for all I care.

  26. Regarding 1: Sure, more money in our coffers is good, but if the end result is a bunch more Americans being unable to afford to purchase housing, isn't that a net negative for the country?

  27. Election security matters. The voters have to believe that the results accurately reflect the will of the people, or else the election risks losing legitimacy in the eyes of the voters. When elections lose legitimacy, well...there's a reason the cartridge box comes after the ballot box.

  28. How would you feel about a free federal ID, mailed to every American once they turn 18 and renewable at any federal building? Like, go whole hog with ID requirements everywhere, with the caveat that they have to accept this federal ID as well. No confusion or changes to valid ID from state to state. You can always rely on your federal voting card.

  29. Terrible design choice, but people should be reading important documents.

  30. And if one were to suggest that the point of the design choice was to get people to overlook it...?

  31. No one cares about this. Its not 1985 here. Literally about a right-wing of a nutbag Christian conservative as they come, and I've been around similar people my whole life. Other than in jest, I don't think I've ever heard a single person care or complain.

  32. I mean, I got chain emails about the war on Christmas from my uncle every year (at least until I responded pointing out his claim that Obama insisted they be called "holiday trees" was provably untrue) and it's an annual tradition for Fox. There's certainly a grievance industry around "holidays" versus "Christmas," it's just not as pronounced as it was back when the bad Muslim man was in office.

  33. Once in real life, countless times on social media. The one time in real life was a snotty cashier who I wished Merry Christmas and she told me I shouldn't be telling people that because I can't know if they're Christian? I just walked away

  34. Ugh, like a seasonal version of the jerk who snaps at you for saying "bless you" when they sneeze.

  35. Hey, I learned about Evolution at Catholic school from a Catholic priest too! They never taught us about intelligent design either. That seems like a pretty fringe thing nowadays.

  36. Our blessed pope is on record saying "God is not a wizard" when asked about evolution.

  37. Hazarding a guess, they were probably talking about trans people.

  38. me in the mid 90s: wow the world is pretty cool and getting better all the time, the future is gonna be rad

  39. Future's so bright, I gotta wear shades

  40. I see. I'm very hesitant on Ghost in the Shell because of its 3D

  41. Ack-shually, it's only the newest series that's 3D--Stand Alone Complex and 2nd GIG, probably the highlights of the entire animated canon, are 2D (although they do use some obvious CG for things like cars).

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