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  1. Pit bull with a history of abuse and already can’t be around small dogs and cats. Animals like this aren’t fit to be rehomed and anyone who does it should face future liability for the issues caused.

  2. Guys, we can't be running around Liurnia with pajamas, a loin cloth and rusty skeleton armor.

  3. I usually take my foot of the gas to slow down and can do that because I don't crawl up peoples asses nor do I go around corners where I don't know or see what's there based on 'it'll probably be OK'....

  4. You still need to break to slow down, so that other people that are crawling up your ass can see brake lights.

  5. Based on what...? I haven't been in a little while but I just looked, its just a bunch of pet pictures and people complaining about their parents getting on them for not wanting kids, or issues getting bc or getting fixed from doctors offices.. all very real and normal things people that don't want kids have to deal with. You don't have to like the message but you don't get to call a place toxic because they don't want kids and that upsets you.

  6. I wasn't trolling, just not been hanging out there, I've been directed to

  7. Democrats have moved so much left, that the Left is just massive alt-left.

  8. That's so incorrect and out of step with what actual liberals think and have been pretty vocal about that you must be trolling

  9. The flash can move back and forth so fast that they can be multiple people stupid

  10. I just had the unsettling realization that more people would probably be offended by the 28-year age gap than the 780-year age gap.

  11. Thanks! I didnt draw it lol, I just did the subpar stitching.

  12. The design is from a tattoo design subreddit, I thought I saved it so I could credit the person (if they'd even care), im digging through the subreddit now trying to find it, if someone else recognizes it let me know!

  13. You are capping if you think that fatty sloper pinch is not a nothing hold

  14. Yet another reason that I support concealed carry for all women. Could have dramatically evened the odds of this ambush working out so well.

  15. Yeah the attacker definitely wouldn't be able to take the gun away after the initial surprise attack dumbass.

  16. Have you heard of a lesser known game called elden ring. People say it is like dark souls but horny. And I can guarantee you this. This game induces horniness. You should try it.

  17. thats just normal anime-style fan service isnt it? doesnt make it "teen coded"

  18. Yeah Idk wtf theyre talking about, just looks like shitty hentai. These guys clearly are way more knowledgeable of the chloe deep lore than me to have made that distinction.

  19. No timberlands, no hats, no graphic tees, no plain white t shirts, no bandanas, no “excessively baggy” clothes.

  20. No “work boots”- only referring to timberlands. But cowboy boots covered in mud at ok. No hats- again only referring to fitted hats but a newsboy style hat is ok.

  21. Is this for the people that work there or the guests?

  22. I hope but its difficult considering Sony owns the license and rights to Gravity Rush. The characters, world and everything belong to them. In this new heat of multiple game publishers being bought out and exclusivity slowly fading away, who knows what might happen to games like GR.

  23. Lol "its never too late to stop believing" means dont believe in it.

  24. Pacific Rim gets bonus points for justifying its human shaped mechs (the main issue with why they don’t really work irl).

  25. I guess, I mean why do they need to be psychologically piloted at all. How many people work in tandem to pilot a submarine? Couldnt they just make a fighting robot that was controlled with.... controls, like buttons and switches and joy sticks.

  26. Movement would be extremely restricted. With the two pilot system you can make moves and adjustment on the fly without having to really think about it.

  27. But isn't one if the big obstacles of the movie that you DO have to think about it? Like really hard? So hard you need to find two super compatible brains to make it work?

  28. Is this all by hand? That satin stitch is tight as hell

  29. It could also be making shit up. Like maybe it creates these numerous pretend variables that work in combination to explain a singular concept gravity or intertia or angular momentum, etc.

  30. Absolutely, it's super easy to answer physics and math problems incorrectly if you have the question and the answer, and then try to backwards engineer the process by connecting the two. You can come up with all kinds of ratios that don't mean anything but fit the framework. Or at least that's what happened to me when trying to fake my way through physical chemistry lol.

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