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  1. He also said the n-word, don't forget about that

  2. Yo pienso que no. El filo lo mantiene en dirección contraria al cuello del pobre trabajador de la delegación. Es el clásico señor prepotente y cascarrabias que se siente con poder. Pero sin duda debería de ser detenido.

  3. Ah va. Si alguien te amenaza con un cuchillo se pueden exonerar por la dirección en la que esté el filo.

  4. The other commenter is literally a Nazi...

  5. Yeah, but let's not crosspost that shitty sub over here.

  6. I just explained how Leninism and Marxism-Leninism are different, Leninism is Lenin’s attempt at interpreting Marxist theory and Marxism-Leninism is Stalin’s interpretation at both Marxist and Leninist theory.

  7. The fact that you take dictatorship of the proletariat at face value is very telling, you obviously haven’t legitimately read Marx, or at least you didn’t understand the analogy

  8. What do I mean by dictatorship of the proletariat? Care to enlighten me on what I believe?

  9. Do you have an example off the top of your head of a card that negates the activation vs negating the effect?

  10. Solemn Judgment negates the activation, Ash negates the effect.

  11. bruh i read a lot of WW2 stuff and I never knew this shit had happened God damn

  12. The reason you don't know it happened is because the US did it.

  13. Honestly I do prefer Latine over Latinx, but saying it as "Latiné" while the word clearly doesn't have an accent over the "e" is what bothers me.

  14. Sadly the place has got some BS going on with “no tanky stuff” rules

  15. It’s because the solution they’re proposing is genocide. IE: “Don’t need to spend money on renewables (which are bad) when you’ve wiped out a bunch of the world’s population.”

  16. Don't ask why everyone in that picture is white, there's no ethnic cleansing undertones to this image at all...

  17. Why are you assuming that I’m only eating at restaurants within the US?

  18. Because of your other comment saying that you have access to that food in Dallas.

  19. I asked where the other user lived and then said in Dallas I have access to quite a bit.

  20. maybe try to help these folks? if they don't turn out to be reactionaries, they're usually good natured folk who have been mislead by a charismatic conman.

  21. The issue with this is that most Vaushites have a parasocial relationship with him. Like the most rabid Dream fans and so on. They defend their parasocial friend as if it were a real friend, or a family member and it's very difficult to help them unless they get out of that phase.

  22. I agree with most of the comments here but I'm surprised nobody has mentioned Oaxaca or Puebla.

  23. No, not saying dumb shit and returning artifacts is enough

  24. Yeah, even our most "extreme" politicians don't demand reparations, at most they demand a formal apology and that's it.

  25. Cool, but then again its quite worrisome that there are MORE dictatorships now than there were 20 years ago.

  26. Rodrigo never fails to come up with a shitty take. Go back to

  27. How's pointing out a shitty take a personal attack?

  28. In Mexico we do "el Saludo a la Bandera" (Hail to the Flag) and it is basically a Nazi salute, but for us is considered unrelated. Not knowing what the actual fuck is going on in Ukraine... should I give them the benefit of the doubt before judging???

  29. Doubt it. One of Zelensky's bodyguards yesterday was wearing an SS patch, plus the many occurrences of Ukrainian soldiers wearing Nazi insignias make it unlikely to be just "oopsies".

  30. The republicans in Spain were considered so bad that even Fidel Castro refused to recognize them in exile instead he would ally with Franco because they both hated the USA

  31. Damn, Castro was already taking hard political stances when he was... checks wikipedia 9 years old, huh.

  32. The first mistake is assuming that libs could identify him or the Mongolian flag.

  33. Exactly. They only hate whomever the TV tells them to, other than that, they don't know shit.

  34. The cap is at 10k. Everything more that you get is in the gift box and vanishes after 30 days. It has a timer on it.

  35. Only for the free gems, the paid gems have no cap afaik

  36. That's southern cone bs though

  37. They certainly are. There used to be posts celebrating Díaz Ordaz for massacring students in '68, and supporting Porfirio Díaz during the Porfiriato.

  38. I don't know anything about Sweden, but just from this conversation it seems to me like it's you who is coping.

  39. The communists refused to cooperate with them because they were still salty about Luxemburg and because they subscribed to the “social fascism” theory, something which may have contributed to the rise of Nazism.

  40. It's hard for someone to cooperate with you when they're either dead or in jail/concentration camps...

  41. Vaush once said BPP was just as racist as the KKK. This cracker is so stupid.

  42. Careful there, they think that racism against white people is a thing, and using the word cracker is as bad as the n-word. You might get harassed because of this.

  43. You’re doing what he says in the video, you aren’t engaging with arguments, you’re spewing talking points, just like the average fascist. It’s sad that you don’t have the self reflection to realize this.

  44. Lmao you deleted the other comment cuz you realized how much of a fucking idiot you are.

  45. I have never been racist in my life, and I also have never supported American imperalism. NATO is doing good in Ukraine, because Ukraine doesn’t want to be invaded. Whatever happened to the proletariats “self determination”??? Sorry that you’re being called out as a red fashie.

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