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  1. I use a boat 2m cable and loved it ever since

  2. Mohit from often has 999rs deal on Paris Corner frags.

  3. Is the site legit? I have only bought from till now.

  4. Thank you for the suggestions, pal. I'm based out of India so finding pocketscents lisboa would be difficult here. But will surely check out others. Cheers!

  5. I'm also from India, hit me up and we can talk about where to get fragrances and whatnot. Looking forward to it

  6. Do they have one for bleu de Chanel? Also thanks a lot for these recommendations. Where did you buy then from?

  7. Yeah same, out of sudden my s10 can't fast charge anymore, only normal charging plus the battery draining after charged..

  8. Facing the exact same issue, can't be a coincidence that it all started after the last update can it?

  9. Maybe check Karl lagerfeld - Bois de Yuzu , in my opinion it's very similar/in the same vein, and you can get this one cheap - I've got mine for ~20$/100ml, which I considered cheap, cause the original Issey Miyake in my country is about 40-50$ for 125ml :D

  10. Go for Yuzu bomb by Projekt alternative. It is good

  11. While prices can vary outside of UAE, it's a 20usd perfume, 70 dirham. That's a shame that don't send liquid outside of UAE.

  12. Yes I got it for around 20$ usd, but still have ptsd of getting scammed and receiving fake products

  13. No one is gonna knock off that stupid bottle design. If you are genuinely curious I can look at mine when I get home.

  14. I totally get you😹 the only reason I asked is because there were a lot of reviews on the website from where I bought it saying they received a fake one, so I just wanted to make sure

  15. JJ sub is getting bigger, which means the number of dumb people here also getting bigger.

  16. If he didn't put out this video, most people like you would still tell deji that he fought well and should continue boxing. JJ was right that deji is a kind of person who does not do thing for himself but rather for the people. This video was important for you people also, otherwise there would have been millions of yes man for deji. You all would have led deji to another fight.

  17. Exactly my point, if he wouldn't have made the video, delusional fans like him would keep pushing deji towards a goal which probably isn't meant for him. JJ actively made the decision to post this because he know he can only actually get to deji if he does it on a public platform

  18. That most probably is a virus, it's not supposed to have two of them at all and not with that logo too. I recommend a factory reset if you can't find a way to uninstall it or disable it

  19. Actually after checking twice , the software update isn't supposed to be there at all, I dont have it in my apps list

  20. If OP wants them "gone" they can use pm uninstall for the specific user. Which again isn't really functionally different from disabled in context.

  21. Thank you guys for the responses , I appreciate it. Yes, I do want these apps gone but I don't have them installed any where on my device. Can you please suggest a way to remove them , I am unfamiliar with the pm uninstall for specific user

  22. Is there a tutorial video that you can suggest, One can assume I have zero knowledge about all this 😂🥲

  23. The difference in the intensity of the three spiderman theme songs just fits so well

  24. Willne and Talia are cuter I think that's what she said

  25. Yaar ....bhut buraa laga merko toh..!! Knowledge Snake Integrity ...!!

  26. vikk abhi bhi zyaada ameer hoga jadiye se lol

  27. I mean at first he didn't specify when we could take it seriously

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