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  1. Tank weapons are never meant to do damage in this kind of game. Do you want tanks to be unkillable and doing tons of damage? Tanks are a support class that stuns and interrupts the enemy.

  2. Make some Hammers and Maces being viable for solo players, please

  3. The solution for the gankers costs more and give so much value to someone with T8 in gather.

  4. Because he doesn't care or hes not in a position to rotate. If he's not gonna respond to a ping then he's not gonna care about what you have to say is voice. Think how many times you've typed for help and jungler proceeded to intentionally not gank your lane or help you break a freeze.

  5. I completely disagree with you, but its ok.

  6. On a further note revient, a riot employee, stated it was never going to happen "that's likely never going to happen for good reason, players who don't want to use voice chat will immediately become a disadvantage to their team. Then, be flamed, spam pinged, further confirming to that player they should stay off voice chat".

  7. Is balanced, however, if you face any hard duelist like Fiora, Jax or GP, you will just be useless and will be dived so hard in the mid/late, unless you hard win early game with Jungle, but eventually you will get out scaled

  8. Every time I see these posts I wonder how pikemen would do against an eldritch god.

  9. Why dafvck some Melees can't have self-QoL mechanics to be worth league starting with? Like, traps and mines have overlaps, same with Poisonous Conc. Minions... are just minions, the best archetype in the entire game since ever. Bows have shitty single target and need a lot of investment to do that well, but they are the best mappers the game have.

  10. How to use Shadow Shaping to sustain Strand maps? some void stones needed?

  11. 2 voidstones, block every map from T14 and T15 you dont want to run, keeping one in each tier you want to run (assuming you have 12 fav. slots).

  12. yeah well since juggernaut was introduced it never really gave me the feeling of that fantasy of some beefy cannot be killed , or stopped by anything tanky ascendancy

  13. Like, every other class with any defensive layer its just way more tanky than an entire ascendancy that the main goal is to be tanky LOL

  14. He was a warrior for a pretty long time, until people got mad of being dived at lv3

  15. And then, pp realize he don't have a kit who encourage being a bruiser

  16. Okay OP why don't you suggest an item because you've had plenty of valid answers your just shooting down as "mage items"

  17. Competitive items agains't the actual meta, not just status check, just that

  18. Just remove the white details and makes the black TRUE BLACK, not grey.

  19. Isn't demonic embrace very gold inefficient without a sizeable health bar?

  20. Yeap! And that's why you build a lot of HP with these 2 items :D

  21. Frostfire is a better mythic. Less gold, slow, negligible damage difference. Makes up for the immolate autos with health for demonic scaling

  22. Are you sure about that "negligible damage difference"?, like, once the immolate stacks, we are talking about 120 magic dmg AoE burn, plus Demonic's Embrace and Passive procs

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