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  1. I’ve been destroyed.. with words .. smh

  2. Just speculating here, perhaps its some hybrid mentality of this community embracing loss porn coupled with the rationale that any losses can offset the capital gains?

  3. Hard to diss on SpaceX. SpaceX makes a rocket and it works. NASA makes a rocket and it's still on the ground. Like Musk or hate him - SpaceX is awesome and it's the future of the US space effort.

  4. “Too many good Americans are struggling to put food on their families…”

  5. " now Jim as you can imagine Eda's prescription drug bills are staggering, running to nearly 113 million dollars a day, and she tells me that some weeks she has to choose between eating and curing her lime disease...." Damn I miss old SNL 🤣🤣

  6. Bazur app has a WIP one, if you dont mind diving through academic papers Abaevs grammatic sketch has tons of dictionary-like information. Good luck🤟

  7. I dont think anyone buying these cares about return on investment. Best case scenario, Ukraine survives and one day you get your money back. Worst case, you donated your money to a good cause...

  8. Thought he was rejected until a family friend, and former harvard dean Roscoe Pound, made a call or two on his behalf?

  9. Did that answer the ops question? 🤷🏻‍♂️. I got lost on that response after yes 😂

  10. I think so, though eloquent and in-depth surely it is still a compression of a leviathan subject(crypto and how financial markets/random people work, etc ). And it ended on a good note so...

  11. so.... a peak that happened and is over now was caused by some fomo-buyers and you take that as evidence that the price-movements that happend the years before and the year since do not exist?

  12. Not to mention the extenuating circumstances that have slaughtered even conventional markets. Agreed on Musk.

  13. Nope, if you intend to hold it for any lengthy period, gotta be able to handle the red rollercoaster; just my two cents as an amateur retail investor.

  14. Didn't realise they were on lost island. I don't have extinction, gen or gen 2 I'm generally less interested in the wierd scifi creatures than I am the prehistoric ones despite the inaccuracies

  15. Gen 1 isnt that good, I have enjoyed some of the tames on gen 2, just starting on lost island now.

  16. You could do that but that requires owning all the maps.

  17. But being drunk and speaking in Spanish with people or another language can be very fun

  18. Or any language, I have peeps who lament they are not in my jurisdiction where it's legal XD middle east, the caucasus, all over.

  19. Thank you for the reply, sad to hear that the language is not thriving... That school that opened in 2017 and is only working in Ossetian is still working? Or did it close with the new laws?

  20. That is a legit difficulty, how to get today's digital generation to engage in that cultural revitalization, but in a way that also helps those language communities and isn't just about social media and money-making.

  21. Regardless of whichever market one is in, if you plan on hodling something for an extended period of time you gotta be ready for those ups and downs; hopefully, as we advocate education and DD, that fact will proliferate alongside all the other wisdom.

  22. Hello and welcome! I don't know of any Dargwa speakers in this group, but if I come across anyone who is or wants to learn then I'll send them your way. In the mean time, if I can be of assistance, please let me know, I'd be happy to help.

  23. Me too am in super deep RED , i bough at 0.70

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