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  1. I have looked it up, too. It’s Matt. The cast listings are up on IMDB- it’s in Ep 8, and he is already listed in the credits.

  2. So, now that it’s aired…… like I said, Matt was Artie

  3. Haven't watched it yet, but I'm assuming there was a Satyr named Garmelie who turned out to be Arti? And that Satyr was voiced by Billy Boyd? Exactly the dual role thing i speculated a week ago?

  4. I think this song is likely to get Emmy consideration, honestly

  5. An example of a table top game would be Dungeons and Dragons. A fantasy game that is played, generally in person, with the players creating, and somewhat performing as, their characters. You get to make up your own name and backstory and such. Generally the more obscure the name, the more "fantasy" it sounds. Like, I'm currently playing a character where my name, and everyone in my family, is a color but with a single letter removed. So Green Scarlett becomes Gren Scarett. I think Vance Culligan (an innocent typo) could be used for a fun character in fantasy

  6. It was nice to hear a Gilbert and Sullivan reference still staying relevant when i saw this episode

  7. I love spotting G&S references out in the wild. Frasier and Simpsons are the other shows I remember that mention them fairly frequently. Cheers, fellow Savoyard!

  8. Dunno if it's coincidence or not, but many G&S Simpsons references come from Sideshow Bob

  9. It's worth it, honestly, to watch the less plot driven episodes. The deeper you get in the show, the fewer episodic stories you'll get and you start to miss it

  10. I think Cas holds a bit of a grudge for Sam's demon blood binging

  11. After the Leviathan crisis, I can’t see the demon blood even being relevant anymore.

  12. No, but the emotional bonds have already been made by that point

  13. That's what I'm thinking too. Or something in that ballpark. They didn't undo 25% of her main quest on a whim - thy plan to use it. And it seems obvious that the Water Ashari are still going to be last.

  14. I feel the same way about Tibs. He certainly had his issues while he was there but it was a mostly positive contribution... until it wasn't.

  15. Yeah, and then saying his shit to Laura and the rage in Travis' eyes afterwards. That was the last straw

  16. Roll for initiative How do you wanna do this? You can certainly try Critical fail Constitution save

  17. Are these separate suggestions? Sorry I don't know what the explicit commands are.

  18. It helps the audience root for Walt, to create a police authority that's easy to dislike. It also makes him seem incompetent. A lot of his "accomplishments" are incidentally being in the right place at the right time. He's an average detective and he overcompensates with his brash and insulting demeanor, possibly to try and create an identity for himself. Up to the beginning of the show he prided himself on taking down stupid criminals, making it out to seem like doing his job was on the level of Walt's ability to make scientific breakthroughs. A very insecure man who needs to make others feel small to feel better about himself. Thus making Walt (and Jesse especially after the beating) gain way more sympathy

  19. Dbz fans can’t read much less know proper grammar

  20. Maybe try and draw some inspiration from the Wendigo. It's an American legend that deals a lot with the wild west

  21. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt. They did something bad and listened and changed. If you demand more than that then thats on you. I for one will take this as a win

  22. Yeah, hear hear. Keep your guard up and pay attention, but they're proving they take responses seriously. That's all you can really ask for

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