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  1. You need to switch to the windows store version. I had the same problem

  2. I can't though. I was already on that version when this issue randomly started. On clicking run through the MS store, The error repeats itself.

  3. Just saying, you can use the inspect element, it only changes it on ur computer.

  4. Bruh, The reason we do this is to show parents we didn't get bad marks.

  5. I know. I was just telling you how to do it better, so that if they check the grades later on their own computer, it will show up as whatever you set it to.

  6. Thank You So Fucking much, The kind stranger that gave me the platinum award.

  7. Me being able to understand what they're saying just makes it so much sadder (he's literally begging for him to stop and swearing to god that he didn't do it and is still fasting, side note in our culture swearing to god is a serious sin if you're lying, like one of the worst)

  8. dedicated, i physically have it and ubuntu is running on a VM which i host the server, 16 gigs of mem and 12 threads

  9. 60k in nearly a dozen years on reddit, mostly from comments once I eventually stopped lurking heh. Flexing the 12 yrs moreso than the karma, I suppose.

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