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What is criminally overpriced?

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  1. Always had 2 growing up, whenever my mum has any she has 3. I’m 19 and around a year or two ago I started having 3. Changed my life

  2. What you're attempting is a phase advance of your circadian rhythm (body clock). Only the

  3. So do you think my plan could work then? With the addition of altering my light exposure, meal times etc?

  4. My question is: is it safe to go to bed at your desired bedtime out of nowhere, if say you’ve been consistently going to sleep at 5-6am for example? Will my body eventually adjust to this, or would it be safer and more sensible to do it in 15-minute increments?

  5. He supports a local club which plays in the third division and is second last right now, pretty grim

  6. He doesn’t mean Burton Albion does he? I’m a Brewers fan and we’re depressingly shite at the minute

  7. I have been playing FM properly since FM18 so im no veteran of the game but here is my advice:

  8. Standard manufacturer warning on a lot of products. I use a multi plug extensions with surge protection for all my tech, no issues whatsoever.

  9. Yeah I was wondering whether it might just be the usual warning they give which people might not listen to, but I only just picked this thing up and I’m trying to be as careful with it as I can.

  10. If you plan on taking it to school or work/study from a coffee shop at any point, get the G14. I used to think I needed a 15" laptop too since I was so used to it, but honestly I don't miss it at all.

  11. Unfortunately I don’t have a G15. I imagine it is close

  12. Hmm, I'd have to say the star wars lego my fiancé got me. She really knows how to make my little autistic self smile

  13. I still love LEGO as a fellow autistic. I used to love building the little trucks and things as a child, but last year for my birthday I got a Liverpool FC stadium LEGO set which I’m still yet to build but I can’t wait to build. It’s one of those things that’s just really relaxing to do.

  14. Weird year for me, Dad got me a book on Greek mythology which looks interesting, Sister / nieces got me a book of pub trivia which I also enjoy and my aunt got me a heated blanket. None of them were exactly game changers, but compared to the previous years of generic multipack of hot sauces, car mats when I hadn't owned a car for 4 years at the time and books that would make GB News' hot picks I honestly can't complain.

  15. I’m nearly 19 and I actually enjoy things like trivia and quizzes for some reason. Greek mythology sounds interesting as well

  16. I'm in the same boat. I've watched YouTube reviews and asus G14 zephyrus has been rated as best bang for buck for something that's potent for gaming as well as easy to carry around. This is followed by Razer blade 14. I'm quite lost. Want a portable and powerful laptop that's good for gaming and college.

  17. I also saw about the Zephyrus G14 and G15, I was tempted but then I came across the Lenovo Legion i7 which I’m now pretty close to getting. Still not positive though.

  18. Tbh I saw it named as the top gaming laptop out of 5 on a YouTube video. I’m considering either the Legion i7 or the ASUS Zephyrus G14 or G15

  19. I’m sorry. I went out drinking last night and got encouraged to reply to you. I hope you have a good day.

  20. In terms of comedy, Shaun of the Dead or maybe the two Zombieland films.

  21. There is only one way to know for sure if these sounds are real. There needs to be multiple videos of people going to this same sight and recording these sounds 1 time doesn't mean real. Show me more videos. If it's real and 1 person can do it that mean 8 billion can to. Where is my repeatable science? Show me multiple recordings of these foul angels and I will convert and spend the rest of my days preaching God's word on the street.

  22. I actually saw a video of a Christian debunking these sounds not too long ago, he said it was just audio put over a video since in the video you can’t hear dirt being moved or anything like that. Plus all you can hear is the moans etc but not birds or anything in the background. I never realised this till he spoke about it.

  23. That was the smallest upset tbf. They failed massively last Euros too.

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