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  1. Mix, match, add the color blue. Let the fun begin! You’ll know when you found the right set up.

  2. 1/8 scale motor and esc. I used the hobbywing ezrun max8. So much fun in a strait line!

  3. Did you use some super glue from the junk drawer, or have some tire glue?

  4. Slash for all around fun. Bandit if you want to go straight and fast.

  5. It might be a lot bias but, Arrma all the way! I was looking at the felony myself. Looked up stuff. Read reviews. Watched videos. I chose the infraction very recently. Main deciding factor for me in between the felony and infraction was tire size. Infraction has all 4 tires the same stock. Just my reasoning, no logic behind it.

  6. If you want grippy tires go with GRPs. Their hardest compound, s7, has WAY more grip than hoons and for me last WAY longer. I believe they have all the way down to s1 compound in slicks

  7. Thank you for this. GRP will definitely be my next set. Longevity is primary, but nice looking wheels to pair up with is a bonus.

  8. Yea np, I also would recommend getting a motor fan because of the extra grip it puts more stress on everything when you try to drift

  9. This one comes stock with a single ESC fan. Are you suggesting a dual fan setup? (Not being sarcastic, genuinely curious)

  10. Personally I went with an 8s setup because it runs cooler for my application. Then I scrapped the tx/rx for my Noble Pro and replaced the servos with much quicker ones. Highly recommend the side skirts and bumpers/wings from stupid rc. Also the infraction body is an aero nightmare. Much easier to control the vette body or the limitless f1 style is basically glued to the road. If you like to drift, get a set of cheap 1/8 buggy wheels and tires without the tires glued/mounted and then grab a few 3” pvc DWV couplings. Cut them in half and shove the cheap wheels inside. Then you have drift tires for $7 a set. You can run them for about 4 full packs before you’ll need to change the rings. Enjoy!!

  11. As I gets some packs through it, I am definitely trying your tire tip.

  12. Win win. Only main difference is if you want to ever convert it to a drag car (maybe not that, but after a while you’ll think about something different) the Bandit will give you a head start.

  13. It’s Cara Buono. This gif is her as Karen Wheeler in Stranger Things. Season 3 Episode 1 if you’re wondering.

  14. Curious if you had the room, would you run 1/1 gearing? (I’m setting up a rustler with an 1/8 scale motor and thinking of running 34t pinion and 34t spur.) Any reason other than temperatures to not do it?

  15. sledge has stock alum hubs. stock tires didnt strip like this

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