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  1. There's a door on the second floor in the castle above Moana, Wall-E and Remy. It's 4k dreamlight to unlock the door

  2. its the only place you can get those ingredients, but you WILL need coal for it, and unless you have the frozen cast all leveld up that requires mining, and the ammount of mining youll need to start making anything significant you might as well just sell the gems you get

  3. Thank you. What level does Kristoff open his shop? I do have him along with Elsa and Anna

  4. Not sure if it's quite what you're looking for, but I really enjoyed The End of Everything (Astrophysically Speaking) by Katie Mack. It's about the current theories about how the universe will end.

  5. Closer here, not so much the end of the Universe, more so of 'we can't possibly be the only form of life in this universe' type of deal, and how human beings formed a conscious mind.

  6. I'll have to give it a listen, I've found a handful of alien theories but little have caught my attention. What's your podcast name?

  7. Your just to nice of a person, you love getting high, and can never say no to anyone when they ask you something.

  8. I would say the getting high part is wrong, except I started taking MMJ very recently. This is all accurate lmao

  9. I always pair Blueberry wine with cheese. Gouda, Brie, and others that have a deep flavor. If your looking for a main dish then I would suggest something light like a salad with vinaigrette or bruschetta to keep the wine from getting lost in heavy flavors.

  10. Any certain kind of salad that would pair well?

  11. Well shit. I just picked this one up at my local smoke shop before this was edited

  12. You're not likely to find something Juul sized that can output 50W anyway

  13. Very true. This still has good flavor, I put the wattage I used for my mod in the description so everyone has a good idea of how much flavor I like

  14. Yes, I'm aware of this. I already do this with my current bank. I was asking for company suggestions, such as Capital One or PNC and such, because I live in the middle of nowhere and I'm going to move into a city. I'm going to need to transfer very soon, I'm not too familiar with how the bigger chains run.

  15. I’m gonna need you to respond to EVERY ‘regularcarreview’ from here on out

  16. I wouldn't worry about a touch screen for GPS, that severely restricts your choice of cars. And those in car GPS units will get outdated very quickly (they probably already are given your price range). You're much better off getting an addon GPS unit that you suction cup to your windshield for a hundred bucks or so.

  17. Thanks for these suggestions. If I can't find anything around me, is there anything bigger than a Fiesta that's a decent size for storage? I would even be fine with a little bigger-sized sedan. The car I have now just makes me claustrophobic.

  18. My post won't let me edit, but I plan on splitting rent.

  19. I hate that road. I guess it wouldn’t be so bad if people wouldn’t drive like idiots on it.

  20. True. Then again, that's the majority of this shitty town. Once again rare that I see someone from Greenville on reddit lmao.

  21. Not any reference my good friend, these are a few examples of what Satanists actually follow. Satanism isn't devil worship, more so just anti-religious and liberal

  22. Google the Seven Tenets of Satanism

  23. I'm honestly about to join you at this point. I've been looking for a new plot for a novel anyways so I guess this is a motive

  24. Man, I wish I could give you a recommendation. This is exactly what I want to read but I feel like there’s not enough good ones out there, sadly.

  25. Same, I'm all bummed out about it too. The closest I can get is watching Nope 2022, and it's not a novel sadly enough. You would think that with all these stereotypes, someone would have wrote about it by now. Happy cake day btw! 🎂

  26. If you did something to ask for a sign and whoever you asked uses mushrooms to communicate then sure it's a sign.

  27. Do you know of any deities that may use mushrooms to communicate? I didn't ask anyone in particular, I just asked for a sign if anyone/thing was trying to send me one. I'm also not sure if the eye in the centers mean I'm being watched over or possibly protected.

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