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  1. No shit. Bangor average is like 30k a year and yet our single bedrooms start at 900?? no way. I'm making 37 and already gulping at the prospect of finding anything bigger than that.

  2. No one, honestly. Why people put so much into people they will more than likely never meet or interact with is beyond me.

  3. You paid more for non self serve gas most places

  4. I just got my GF one a month ago and I'm buying my own by the end of the month. This article is nothing to me.

  5. THE LACK OF RSS SUPPORT! if I could add the Patreon feeds that I subscribed to into the App I'd buy Premium in a heartbeat and never look back. It's only reason I dumped the app for the last year.

  6. Never swerve for anything smaller than a deer, I was taught that by my instructor.

  7. You can only extend your subscription for the tier your subscription is currently on. So I took advantage of this sale and I am on premium. It extended my subscription for a year for $90.

  8. So I can upgrade to premium with the remaining day discount then turn around with a key from cdkey to extend it?

  9. Yes but the keys from CD keys are for essential only. If you are on the extra or premium tier, the time gets prorated. So if you buy a 12 month PS+ key on cd keys, that is prorated to 219 days if you are on extra and 183 days if you are on premium.

  10. I want prohibition Era timeliness with old school mafia

  11. Agreed, and honestly I can not for the life of me understand how Apple somehow became the metric for everything.

  12. In dating women hold all the cards and the most valuable item on the planet. They have set the rules for decades

  13. I will say it's odd, but strangely cathartic to play even if your a glorified UPS man. I work 10 hours a day cleaning procedure rooms for a hospital and still want to do more work for UCA.

  14. More accurate for the older crowd is when your balls touch the water.

  15. Is it sad that after Loki, I pretty much stopped watching all the new Marvel shows?

  16. Mine was No Man's Sky. I was SO hyped for that game, and I think we all know how the release went. I've never got into it since, even after all the updates.

  17. I want to get into it again, I was a backer in the early days and loved it even at the start.

  18. Biomutant and getting a chance to play through Mass Effect is awesome. I've only played the 1st years ago and barely remember it.

  19. I'm curious about the Greater Bangor area of coverage.

  20. Might need to look into it, sadly I'm still in contact with US Cellular.

  21. I've been hoping they would do a live show in Maine. I'd drop everything and go in a heartbeat.

  22. I lived in the Greater Bangor area for about 25 years now.

  23. Not a favorite but I'm working my way through Death Stranding when I get High.

  24. Omg please, I hated everything Thor after about 2 movie appearances. He turned into a South Beach Frat boy and I couldn't stand his writing.

  25. Honestly, steady daily ingesting weed helped me grow as a person and figure out a ton of shit after my divorce.

  26. Wow, sounds like a smart move. Might have to get a tent just incase.

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