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Lawsuit can proceed against Kenosha shooter Kyle Rittenhouse

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  1. I move that Reddit abbreviates "Donald Trump Furious" as DTF to save reading time and space in title.

  2. Oh, yes. The talk on sex, money, and social media. And make sure they know you are there for questions.

  3. I've always favored Turner Falls.

  4. Like a baby with a jack-in-the-box - always a surprise!

  5. Well, fortunately we learned our lesson from COVID-19, above distancing and masking and heeding warnings from responsible government agencies. /s

  6. In the States it is unlawful without a license.

  7. Every day, more and more reason to despise the man.

  8. I want to see the faces of the tow truck operators. I don't think AAA is gonna cut this.

  9. MACA - Make Americans Cringe Again

  10. Consider Anne Bishop, Written in Red for fantasy. They are five books in the primary arc, which you should read first before the other two arcs.

  11. Anne Bishop, Written in Red. Note that this is more fantasy, alternate reality than science fiction.

  12. Some crows may have never seen a peanut. Why's that human throwing small brown rocks at us?

  13. theyre out of the shell, do you think i should eat a couple? ive tried it before to no avail, but msybe combining ut with dropping would help?

  14. If they're shelled, you're good. I assumed they were in the shell. But eating a few wouldn't hurt.

  15. They need to realize that fire containment systems in the Jefferies tubes just makes good sense.

  16. For me, Star Trek was late high school. I grew up with Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea and Irwin Allen special effects. Everytime an underwater wampus would nudge the submarine the bridge controls would explode in pyrotechnics. Even at a young age I thought, "Gee, they could build that better so it stops exploding."

  17. Alternate interpretation - these were friendly or mischevious scratches.

  18. I also vote for mischevious. An angry crow is usually a loud crow.

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