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A Oklahoma little leaguer got hit in the head by pitch and responded by giving the pitcher a hug

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  1. Looks so good. Hoping to get a wall or arenas jersey if possible

  2. Hot take but this isn’t a good move. No disrespect. Are they going to this for Jordan, Kareem, bron, etc? I don’t get it

  3. No. We don’t need him at all. He’s overrated anyways

  4. Shaw, Garcia, Bentley (?). Rattler certainly has a chance of cracking this list

  5. Ceiling: 11-6 Floor: 5-12 Prediction: 7-10 or 8-9

  6. Not entirely relevant but why is the little kid WS televised? I get there aren’t many sports to watch in summer but are we really gonna televise 10 year olds playing baseball? Do people actually watch this if their family isn’t playing?

  7. Idk golden state would’ve won either way. If not for the game 1 insane collapse GS would’ve won 4-1. I don’t think Miami would’ve done much better than 4-2 or 4-1

  8. 8-4. Losses are to UGA, clemson, A&M, and Arkansas

  9. 3-14 is brutal considering we got an upgrade at QB and just came off a season that should have seen us make the playoffs. Like the saints, packers, and broncos game should have been dubs.

  10. Lol going 1-2 in those 3 games would be a success

  11. Might as well. It’s your money and who are the current nats worth owning jerseys for? My one and only jersey is a Stras World Series jersey because he’s my favorite player and was mvp. No one on this roster is a clear player to have a jersey for

  12. We have a generation of fans, especially students, that are completely spoiled and act entitled. They only show true support for top 10/rivals. They think winning is owed to them.

  13. That’s a popular opinion tho no offense to the real bama fans

  14. Tom Brady’s team 30 - other team 21

  15. Well if he’s ever gonna have a chance to make an NFL roster as a LB, it’s with this ragtag group.

  16. Yep he’s got a legit chance to start this season lol

  17. Anthony Street Clothes Davis is my personal favorite

  18. Benny the butcher and pop smoke both come to mind for me

  19. Could be Corbin since no one wants him rn lol

  20. It sucks because Corbin did everything asked in the 2019 postseason, and performed well. He needs some time to rework his pitching motion and delivery this offseason. It’s obvious the Nats aren’t very good at coaching.

  21. Without Corbin, we don’t win World Series so I got nothing but love for him. But he has fallen off a cliff since then. We’ll see what future holds for him but I think he’s better off somewhere else in fresh situation

  22. A good season for us is like .500 lol. Wouldn’t be that surprising to finish around there although I see us more of a 7-10 or 6-11 type team but we will see

  23. About right although I would go D-

  24. Agreed. Assuming the sec gets wiped off the map by an asteroid soon

  25. Lmao before I read, I also thought of Boston college

  26. Man wouldn’t it be great if one of those guys turned into a generational talent

  27. Maybe one will be the next generational talent! Who knows we may luck into a Juan Soto type of talent!

  28. Sooo j thought we didn’t resign Bryce so we could resign Rendon but didn’t resign rendon so we could pay Turner. But then we traded trae to pay Soto. Who are we going to pay this time?

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