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  1. The question of this week is inspired by my little cousin, who spat out everything I tried to get him to eat lol

  2. Canned spinach. When I was 5 or 6, I tried to eat it cold, right out of the can. Like my hero, Popeye. It was disgusting. I still pass it up regularly...

  3. I'm not sure if officiating is as historically awful as people are making it out to be. I'd imagine it's always been kind of bad but back in the 70s you didn't have 30 camera angles and slow motion 4K replay either.

  4. Now at least there's some way to correct it. Imagine losing a fumble and not having replay. Or calling something a catch when the ball was rolling around on the ground and the refs couldn't see it. That stuff had to happen all the time.

  5. It did, but it made the game better in my estimation. It kept the game moving, and it was spontaneous. Today's games are like Court cases. They take forever to decide and there's no excitement.

  6. You're right. Also, the call on the field stood. There was no point in arguing about it. When they showed the replay...and they usually only showed it once, the conversation between the broadcasters went like this. Assume the call was incorrect...

  7. Gotta make sure no young people see the CFL, only the elderly with cable packages still

  8. We elderly people with cable packages don't get to see them much either. I'll miss the YouTube highlights though. I saw way more of them than full games. They're just not on that much here. Too bad too...there's lots of CFL going on long before the NFL regular season starts.

  9. Why does it seem like everyone collectively forgot that Tom Brady signed a 350 million dollar deal with Fox? I'm pretty sure he's done and is going to the booth/analyst desk

  10. I'd actually be glad for him. I'm not a Brady fan, but I don't hate him either. It's just time to move on. I feel the same about Rodgers...

  11. why do we have to wait til 4 for the damn games

  12. I'm with you. Either the Bills or Eagles home game should be on at 1pm est today. I hate waiting around all day for the games to start...

  13. They never will. You probably would need a state controlled economy for that. I read a really crazy book last year about a US soldier who defected to East Germany back in the 50s. He was a NYC Jewish guy whose parents were Commies back in the 40s. I'm not Jewish or a Commie, for the record. It just looked interesting.

  14. 'Crossing the River', by Victor Grossman. You may be right about a breaking point. I hope not. Revolutions are always bloody and destructive. I think if we had some sort of socialist party, instead of just the 2 we have, they could legally fight for these types of changes. I don't really know what the answer is.

  15. Is bumper shining still a thing?

  16. I've only seen it done once here in New England...a few years back. Gordie Howe used to latch on to cars or busses and catch rides on his skates back in Sask in the 30s. I read it in 'Mr Hockey'. That must have been a blast...

  17. Whats your favourite SNOW related activity? I've always liked sledding and tobogganing, especially since I was a cool kid with A GTRacer. Aside from that, sometimes its just nice to sit and watch the snow fall with some hot chocolate!

  18. Sledding. Only a few families had toboggans. We had the old wooden sleds with metal runners. Got the plastic ones later. Did get quite a few toboggan rides too. Great times...

  19. I know the Colts were so upset about losing Super Bowl III, they never enjoyed winning Super Bowl V

  20. True. Several Colts remarked that the Super Bowl 3 team was way better, but lost. They kept the rings and the money anyway.

  21. No, they made him sell out. He did retire, but only for a few weeks. The NFL knew that Joe knew a lot of unsavory characters in the betting world. They wanted him to distance himself from them.

  22. Get a defense. Even an average defense would have won.

  23. I doubt that. The Giants went back to old time football. Everybody these days lines up in a 3-3-5 or 4-2-5. The Giants run the ball. I can hear Vince Lombardi laughing. Not counting the size difference, his teams would have destroyed the pass-happy teams of today. Real football is played in the trenches. The passing is just to attract more fans...

  24. People are still replying to my joke like it was serious. It floors me to see such an obvious joke taken so seriously.

  25. Many of us just do not get sarcasm. Try being honest and upfront fror a while. You have something to say. Tell us what you really think.

  26. I read in one of Ken Dryden's books how far hockey is lagging behind other sports in the treatment of concussions and their symptoms. I believed him, of course. Looks like this is just more proof...

  27. Cmon now, this is insane lol. Trevor Lawrence is closer to being a top 10 QB than he is to being replaced. Look at his stats from this season.

  28. Have you watched him? I think he's overrated. Maybe I'm wrong? I saw him against my Giants. My grandmother would have thrown better. He was missing every open receiver by a mile...

  29. I'll admit I'm surprised at the outpouring of support for this mediocre NFL QB on

  30. Lamar should retire. They warned him about all that QB running shit. See the careers of RG3 and Michael Vick. Dak Prescott got hurt running against the Giants. Run out of bounds or hook slide.

  31. My stupid redneck brother-in-law has a rebel flag hanging on the back window of his truck. He was born and raised in, and has never lived in any other state than... wait for it... IOWA.

  32. Good one. Iowa units fought for the Union. I'm sure you've reminded him of this?

  33. I wish him luck, and am sorry for CFL fans. I also wish he'd picked a better team. The Jags are having a good season, but have been mired in mediocrity for years. Well, maybe he'll get a chance to play sooner...

  34. Not the best idea, but when I was younger I would do my best to alienate anyone I knew who didn't like football. I don't have so many friends now...

  35. Does anyone else’s cat stick their paw under the bathroom door

  36. Our cats hate any closed doors. They try like hell to force them open. Try to sleep in your room behind a closed door? Think again, say the cats...

  37. He needs to pick a team where he has a chance to start. I read that he worked out for the Giants and Browns, among many others. I don't see any point in choosing either. The Raiders, on the other hand, are ditching their QB...

  38. Been fighting with my sheets all week, sleep issues all week long. Just one of those situations where I'm waking up wide awake at 3 in the morning without much sleep and by the time work rolls around, I'm knocked out. Gotta say, I earned a lot of respect to the parents out there. You don't realize how much your sleep affects everything until you stop getting it.

  39. I often wake up during the night with one part or another of me hurting. Just old age I guess. I try to think about things that don't stress me out. Best to stay far away from work or personal problems or how to pay certain bills.

  40. In honor of the playoffs starting for our friends down south, who is everyone riding with this NFL postseason? I'm pretty excited honestly because I don't really know who's going to make it to the Superbowl but I'm riding with the Bills and I would love to see a Bills v Vikings Superbowl! (even though I don't see it)

  41. Giants fan here. The team has been so miserably bad the past 5-6 years that I'm just glad they got in. I could live with a close game loss.

  42. Slovak U16 is high scoring iirc you won’t be shocked to see a game that is 18-6

  43. I'd like to see one of those. If I'm watching a game and don't care who wins, I root for goals. Or slapshots, or great saves...

  44. It's really cool to see people recognizing women players. The first time I ever saw womens' hockey was at the 98 Olympics in Japan. I'd made fun of them before, but I was impressed as hell. Their skill level was incredible. I couldn't have been more wrong about them. I wish I could see more...

  45. I think if we're moving on from Fajardo (which is all but a foregone conclusion) and we want an established QB to run things while we find the next guy, and maybe win some games, he could get the job done. If he can put up the kind of season he had in his first years in EDM and MTL (4k yards, ~20 TDs, limit picks to ~10) we should have a shot at the playoffs.

  46. I just got around to reading the article. The writer indicates that this is not likely to happen. Too bad. I don't know who else might be a free agent and available. It doesn't look like the backup QBs are going to be much help.

  47. I think there’s a good chance Dane Evans will be the Sask QB

  48. Hard to believe. Isn't he the guy who kept fumbling the ball?

  49. I still think the NFL should realign into 4 8-team divisions after another sorry ass losing team made the playoffs while 3 teams with better records miss out. The Division Champ of an 8 team Division is bound to have a winning record.

  50. Another playoff disappointment is right around the corner. 27 years coming on 28.

  51. Giants the odd position of rooting for the Cowboys. I'm sick of Brady and hate having a losing team making the playoffs while the Lions, Steelers, and even Commies miss out. End their season!

  52. Do we really want to spend 14/17 weeks playing divisional games though?

  53. Good argument. The home-and-home with Divisional opponents would have to end, and go to a more college-type system. Your team just plays 1 game each against Divisional rivals (maybe 1 team twice for an even 8 games) and have 9-10 games against other opponents.

  54. I'm sure that's going to continue. Just my crazy idea. I don't really think the NFL is going to make any changes at all.

  55. MLS is single entity so packaging regional rights as one deal was easy.

  56. Is that the issue? Unbelievable. Pro Football figured this out back in 1962. They need to pool and divide up all broadcast revenue. That keeps all the teams solvent. Christ, that was 60 years ago. Hockey is just a little behind the times...

  57. Rangers fan, living in Conn. We mostly get Boston feeds, which means Bruins games and Hockey East College puck. I've pretty much adapted to it. The Bs are having a great season and HE is a top Conference. I also get whatever is on the TNT Wednesday night game.

  58. I was thinking about 40 teams just last night. 5 divisions of 8 teams. I had Quebec City, Houston, Milwaukee, San Francisco, San Diego, New Orleans, Kansas City, and Atlanta. They don't really need to do it, but it's fun to think about.

  59. I would love to see the talking heads on TV actually know something about goaltending when they open their mouths. There is zero discussion on how the position is actually played.

  60. I would like to see a game where a color commentator is a former goaltender. I'd like to hear how certain shots should be played.

  61. Agreed, and upvote. I watched some of those games back in the 70s when both benches emptied. It took 4 hours to play a game, and some players got seriously injured. No other major sport allows this...

  62. I'm old enough to remember seeing him play. One of the best ever, even though he mostly played for bad Washington teams. He was always near the top in passing.

  63. I can only imagine the calls in our game will be very strange. I don't know who the league would want to win, but our game will be reffed fucking terribly

  64. I'm glad people are catching on to this. The League is telling the refs to call penalties to keep games artificially close. Maybe telling them to favor one team. If there ever is real proof, this sport may be toast.

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