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  1. I bought this bundle only for the frog weapon charm and sticker. I also bought the psychedelic bundle only for the frog emblem. I will throw whatever money I have to COD when it comes to frogs

  2. Lol that was just the YouTube generated countdown for the premiere. MO had nothing to do with that

  3. Imagine not being clear and blaming someone else for your mistake

  4. Ugh. I keep forgetting that we're going to be bombarded with political commercials today.

  5. Nothing political about supporting a group of people that are being attacked.

  6. I believe some local channels are running political campaign ads

  7. Makes more sense. Here was just the antisemitism ad which was incredibly well done

  8. Sickening. This is the most upset I’ve ever been about a championship

  9. Welp it’s over now. Spoiled brat gets rewarded after all the shit he’s pulled this season. Sickening

  10. The race gets better the longer Ty Gibbs isn’t in the lead

  11. Had to scroll too far down to find this. Excited for the new album!

  12. Feels like it at this point

  13. Looks like we will find out soon

  14. Cody Ware is one of the greatest personalities in the garage

  15. 30 minutes. Short one tonight


  17. They had a court case about magic. It's childish nonsense with adult undertones.

  18. It’s a fucking comic book tv show, and you’re complaining about it being childish?


  20. I remember the days I would reply to comments here saying “North Wilkesboro is dead! Give up on it already!” I’m eating crow on this one. Excited to see how it races and if it lasts

  21. Did no one else just see Gibbs run Allgaier into the wall?

  22. I thought I was the only one who saw that lol

  23. This subreddit is so fucking toxic. Reading the comments makes me feel disgusted to be part of the MCU fandom right now. It is insightful to read so many comments happy that this show is opting for the hate vs hate approach by constantly throwing men under the bus. Just goes to show these writers carry a chip on their shoulder and aren’t interested in creating a constructive show. I’m fine with the little joke here and there but now I am terrified at the prospects of how they will treat Matt Murdock/Daredevil once he arrives…

  24. I guess we’ll never really know know know know know know know

  25. I get why the postponement happened. But I’d rather set an alarm for 3 am than 10 am. There’s something magical about Daytona at night and I hate we aren’t going to get it.

  26. Logano, Jimmie, the Busch brothers, Hamlin, Keselowski. I hated all of them growing up. I warmed up to Jimmie the year he won #7, and Kurt when he went to Furniture Row. The others I started liking a lot more once Jr retired and I was trying to find someone to latch on to.

  27. I’ve rewatched the prison scene 3 times now, and looked on Twitter. No one else is mentioning this and I’m not seeing anything.

  28. There isn’t one because the dude is trolling

  29. I don’t see any issues here

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