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  1. Just out of interest, how smooth does it run? I have a 3090, 10900K, 64GB RAM and it stutters like mad. Do you play with a controller or mouse and keyboard? Apparently using a controller causes the stutters :(

  2. Let’s not kid ourselves though the 225’s EFB is a bit shit

  3. Over 100 payware airports. My 1TB SSD exclusively for MSFS is running out😂

  4. Man what a week we’re having. My 3 dream aircraft to have in the sim are the Antonov 225, Avro Vulcan and Concorde. The first two are finally covered, just praying on a high fidelity Concorde in the future.

  5. Seems weird - was one of the previous altitude restrictions 6000 instead of 6000A?

  6. Yes there was, which is what I'm assuming caused the early descent? How do I get around this? Thank you

  7. Honestly I’m getting so pissed off with the in-game marketplace, it’s just becoming littered with shit like this and the whole thing looks a mess

  8. I know their 75 is WIP but the cockpit textures look dog shit

  9. Sorry I know this is a relatively old comment but I saw the same thing in one of their YouTube comment sections about cockpit textures and they replied and said something along the lines with they are aware of it's very "old" & "crusty" look but it's been replaced by a brand new texture system which is due to be shown later this year. So there's that.

  10. Finger’s crossed, love the 757.

  11. *Fenix you mean (facepalm)

  12. Hi, BHX is my base in real life. We rarely get to go to OSKOT or GROVE. Generally we are vectored by Approach onto the ILS for 33 or 15. If it’s a busy time of day you might get sent to OSKOT but then be vectored from there. It would be a really bad day if you actually ended up holding at GROVE. In the 7 years I’ve been based at BHX I’ve never had to hold at GROVE.

  13. Just to add that in the UK, with a few exceptions; Prestwick, City, and IIRC Newcastle, arrivals typically take you to a hold, from which you'll be vectored by atc to the localiser / final approach course. There doesn't always exist a coded procedure to take you from the hold to the approach, and where they exist they would typically only be used in a situation where atc didn't have radar available.

  14. I miss the Impala taxi and police cruiser from IV

  15. wouldve been sick if they had the 80s caprice aswell but the stanier is close enough

  16. Definitely, would love some old school square body cruisers from the 70’s/80’s

  17. Amazing news! Now we just need Carenado's Fokker 50 in the sim too

  18. How quickly are you deploying your flaps? Are you going right to flaps 40 from 5 or 15?

  19. No I’m doing one stage at a time, letting the aircraft settle then onto the next one. Always going in to flap 40 the aircraft will then nose down a lot!

  20. Don’t forget visually it’s dog shit as well, especially the cockpit

  21. Gran Turismo has the worse car roster of any game, so many irrelevant Japanese cars no one would look twice at in real life. Forza wins every time with variety and quantity.

  22. Your entry field must be empty before pressing the LSK button. Try pressing CLR several time until there's nothing left on the bottom line of the MCDU.

  23. Yes the entry field is clear - that link is a great help, thank you!

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