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  1. We're in the same bucket here in Romania. We're struggling to build some rails for 160km/h (100mph) at the moment.

  2. But you get all the old French trains and all my French buddies dream of going to Romania for nostalgic railfanning (many actually go!)

  3. C'est quelle gare ? Les deux voies du milieu sont cantonnées TVM, mais y'a pas de murs anti-bruit entre les voies à quai et de passage

  4. My SO lives near that town so we get to the station by car. There’s a large car park and a local bus network to nearby towns Montchanin, Le Creusot and Montceau-les-Mines.

  5. I honestly would never want to be on this planet forever.

  6. More importantly, I think option 1 would result to living in absolute paranoia and daily scare of anything potentially dangerous

  7. Plus, this post is about a 5yos lego creation, is this the place to discuss that stuff? Really?

  8. I knew the whole issue would be brought up with my original comment, I had a piece of popcorn ready!

  9. As if ducks weren’t already the coolest animals on the planet, now they get duckmobiles

  10. This artwork is taken from the Shipbucket community and does not respect their credit and template guidelines, for your information

  11. I can smell this picture

  12. This or a Matra Rancho. Love those old off-roaders

  13. I dont think the Rancho had much in the way of offroad capabilities

  14. This place is quite chill. It’s basically a huge roundabout where chill Berliners come drive their Ferraris while tourists enjoy chill street musicians. Berlin is chill

  15. How could've you afford such fine automobile? That paint job is rare custom order 1 of 1.

  16. I know, it’s an Alpina limited edition look at the logo. Really couldn’t not jump on the opportunity!

  17. Belgian locomotives in front of NYC-like skyscrapers is a bit unsettling

  18. Dat’s an Antonov An-10 or An-12 something

  19. Now this is awesome. Thanks OP for the description too!

  20. I don’t know anything about cars, but I want this one.

  21. Try to find one with working lights though! Fog is dangerous

  22. I have no idea but it looks cool, nice photos!

  23. 2nd one. I hate those tiny track peices. Plus the Lt

  24. I feel like those tracks are iconic now. I can’t see anything ugly in them because of youth dreams bias

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