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Does Mike Harmon perform better when an Applebee's is near the track? A statistical analysis

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  1. Hey guys I have to run to the Sim. Thanks for all the questions, I enjoyed reading them all!

  2. Hey Josh. Enjoyed watching you run Hickory and Tri County over the last few years. Any chance you'll race at either this year?

  3. should i post my question way ahead of the 1:00pm time

  4. Absolutely but not required. We will try to get to as many questions as his schedule allows. We plan on making the thread for Josh tomorrow around 8 or 9am eastern and that is where you can ask the question.

  5. Is this a Noah Gragson family sponsorship? Somehow related to Switch?

  6. This is the end of our Reddit AMA for today. I enjoyed this and I will be back again for another AMA soon. Until then, I'm always lurking around at

  7. What was your favorite lost speedway that you visited? Went to Occoneechee Speedway after your show and it was pretty great!

  8. Seeing Texas World Speedway in person was pretty crazy. It was the only 2-mile lost speedway in existence in America.

  9. Are they using the same people? I know sponsors dictate a lot too. Someone's gotta do something with those liberty scheme tho!

  10. We do not use the same people. We have our own in house designer, Ryan Williams.

  11. Now the World Endurance Championship guys have done this with Sean Gelael...he performs far better the closer KFC is to a given track. Can't wait for "Does Esteban Ocon perform better when there's a McDonalds near the track"...

  12. Visited that one last year but the Harmonater wasn't spotted

  13. I'll take Lionel's entire stock if this thing wins.

  14. Everyone else: hey he won pretty cool. Me, who's been a JB fan and followed him for years: Let the domination begin....

  15. I was today years old when I found out John 5 is on Big Machine Records. Huh.

  16. We're open but I believe you can only setup a tour of the shop on Friday's!

  17. Thanks! Do I need to book somewhere or just be there on Friday?

  18. You will need to call ahead if I am not mistaken to get your name put on the list. I'm not 100% sure but I think that is how we are handling it. Either the gift shop or front desk should know though!

  19. Assuming BPro stayed on the 9 (which is hardly a given) Berry would still need significant $ to fill in the funding gaps that Gragson's family currently covers (due to BP not paying full rate).

  20. I'm curious: how have composite bodies changed the overall design and principles of building Xfinity cars?

  21. It changed the balance a little bit so we had to make some adjustment to the chassis.

  22. Hi, Allen thanks for taking the time! So a little about me. I’m a mechanical engineering student, and like you did, I’m going to school outside of North Carolina. My question is how did you get your start in the industry being outside North Carolina? I’d love to here your story and any advice you have.

  23. I met somebody through my FSAE program and made connections and met different people in the racing industry. That eventually led me to North Carolina.

  24. Oh so when you guys haul grass its cool and a sponsor pays you for it, but when I do it I'm "trafficking" and I get all my assets seized at the border.

  25. Little Gator bringing home a Gator. Name a more iconic duo. We'll wait.

  26. Why would you say something so controversial, yet so brave?

  27. Touche. In that case, Soup is cereal, cereal is a cold stew, ice is a rock, water is lava and snow flakes are just tiny rocks!

  28. so then is soup a stew and is stew a soup? Are rocks ice and snowflakes?

  29. Maybe you guys will be lucky and he'll do it in the Cup race so he doesn't tear up any of your cars?

  30. Ok now we're really worried here everyone. This is the second post of NG's you have talked "good" about him. What is REALLY going on here. Y'all are sus.

  31. I got Hulu TV and was able to watch every race

  32. Yeah I use Hulu Live to watch the races every weekend when we don't get to travel. It's the same as Youtube TV but the majority of my devices have Hulu standard on them.

  33. Should we be nervous that you're saying good things about NG or....

  34. A really good idea would be to send an envelope to the teams you would like hero cards from with a self addressed/stamped envelope inside that we are able to put hero cards in and send back. We get quite a few from Canada and I believe I have sent one or two over to the UK, but not many.

  35. I like the idea of the "Contact Us" portion part of their email as it would probably go to someone at the front desk and they might be able to get someone in the right category. A lot of times the teams DM's get filled and we tend to not get back to many through those but we try as hard as we can.

  36. Put Sheldon Creed in a car, you won't

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