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Joey Gallo hits a 3-run homer to put the Dodgers up 8-4 against the Twins.

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  1. They had no good reason so they cut the mic as he was giving an explanation lol

  2. The only thing I don't really like about randle is his attitude when it comes to not getting foul calls, nothing else about him has bothered me, I know who he is I'm not expecting him to be Michael Jordan

  3. If westbrook did this exact pass its him being a statpadder

  4. I dunno about that but it definitely seems like if he could pass the ball over the defender on the floater he could have just shot the floater.

  5. Well the angle and velocity with which he threw the bounce pass would have made it impossible for Towns to catch the ball unless he was out of bounds or right up tight on the baseline. He definitely didn’t throw that pass with any intention of it being a good basketball play

  6. Yeah I see a lot of people riding KAT, and I mean his attitude sucks but that was such a bad pass.

  7. Maybe I haven't been paying close enough attention, but doesn't ESPN usually do a better job of cobbling together better replacements if Breen's Knicks schedule conflicts?

  8. Breen called Knicks last night, Ruocco is calling Nets today and Mark jones is calling college football right now.

  9. When Melo got blocked by Hibbert at the rim, I knew that game/series was over.

  10. I find it weird that people say game 1 was punted like none of these other pitchers are ever gonna pitch? They weren't put on the playoff roster to just sit on the bench and do nothing.

  11. Nothing circular just facts. Yanks hit a lot of solo shots but consistently getting batters on base is a problem

  12. It was a problem hitting on base in the regular season too, guys just walked much much more. Well Astros don't have scrub pitchers so the walks are way down, strikeouts are way up

  13. Right, imagine Seattle had swept the Astros instead. They would probably be waiting in Cleveland, since it's a lot closer to NY than Seattle is. Or if the Yankees were the #1 seed, the Astros would be home or at NY.

  14. Also imagine if Seattle was the 1 seed and the winner had to take that 5 and a half hour flight right after the game.

  15. so players are blaming person who sent the video to TMZ rather than person who clocked their teammate...

  16. NBA players who weren't there and don't have any context to weigh in on the punch in the first place. This shouldn't be a surprise.

  17. Donovan Mitchell has averaged 28.3 points, 4.9 rebounds and 4.7 assists in 39 games in the playoffs in his career.

  18. And the Jazz never got past the second round. Didn't even come close. Trades like this are moves to contend, if you're not contending after you make it, it's a failure.

  19. Cam was pissed when the hawks used him as a spot up and defense guy, now he wants to go to a team where that will be his exact same role, but with two ball dominant ball handlers instead of one? He wanted off the hawks bc he wanted to handle the ball more, now he sees the grass isn’t greener

  20. Grass is never green when everyone playing more is better than you, no offense to Reddish but that's just what it is right now.

  21. Things were really rough in the bubble, I still remember the constant sound issues they had with some broadcasters.

  22. The lakers unprotected picks hold real value because by ‘27 they’ll be rebuilding again and therefore be positioned for solid lottery odds. However idk why the Knicks picks need to be unprotected. Adding DM to a solid, depth-filled roster easily makes .500 our lowest bar which means that unprotected or not the picks will be outside the lottery for at least the next 3-5 years

  23. I forget which talking head said it, and this was recent, but the Lakers rarely rebuild. There's always stars willing to go there.

  24. The Yankees stubbornly refusing to move from the elite top-right corner while also stubbornly refusing to win games.

  25. Just shows how great that first half was because they've had one of the worst offenses in the league in august and have been shut out twice since this last post.

  26. I mean, it's kind of a slump. IF you look at the month to month, the pitching isnt slumping anymore like it was in july, its at about the average for the season but the bats are far below any other month, including july.

  27. Some people never leave their past behind. Some feel an obligation to their old "crew". Deon said it best I think, where he said when he got into the NFL, he had to learn to "love them from afar", he still cared about them but he realized they were not a healthy or good part of his inner circle anymore, so he stopped associating with them. A lot of NFL players DO do this, but many don't.

  28. Sometimes its not even about the crew, sometimes you just grow up that person and never evolve. There's a lot of Aqib Talibs in professional sports that get into shit and get away with it because of the sports money.

  29. Never understood why people got offended by that one

  30. I always saw white people got offended, I don't know anybody who got upset he said that personally, that shit was funny.

  31. Well bullpen management has fucked us for 2 months

  32. Everyone in the bullpen has given up key runs in this stretch though

  33. Red Sox also have another player on the roster well on pace for that.

  34. I mean that's only 4 or 5 more times so

  35. Yeah I kinda doubt he was getting a whole stadium of support every game like they're making it seem lol. I don't think I saw a single yanks fan speak positively about him until he got traded and this story came out.

  36. Only place I heard Yankees fans talk bad about him was the radio (old boomers) and twitter (it's twitter though). Everywhere else just felt bad and knew he needed a change of scenery.

  37. You might think it's a bit if you conflate booing with not liking a player. Yankees fans boo bad performances. They don't boo players when they come up to bat (Unless you're Jose Altuve or Alex Bregman), only the poor results afterwards and only if it's constant. Aaron Hicks wasn't getting booed the past few weeks and he had an 0-32 streak because he's actually been clutch this year but during his slump before his clutch moments he was definitely getting booed.

  38. Not to be that dude, but this is Bryant's lawyer saying this so I wondered if it was true but after reading the article it just seems to be played up and based on footage of two people laughing well after the photo was shared instead of when the photo was actually shared. Not saying it's not still very wrong, but this is definitely them trying to stir emotion from other people about this case.

  39. I mean, people definitely chanted for him as a Yankee on the rare occasions he did something awesome. There were also sarcastic cheers sometimes.

  40. Nevermind the rare occasions, people were chanting his name when he came up to bat in big situations to egg him on to hit. One time was last month I think against the Reds and it was tied in the bottom of the 9th. I remember saying to myself "I hope it motivates him" and then he struck out looking and got booed right after.

  41. I mean, if you're talking about the expectations of playing for the Yankees and the disappointment of not playing well the way he was three days before you get traded, I would imagine a good portion of it is playing in New York.

  42. $$$ - Kevin Durant is one of the biggest stars in the league and sponsors wouldn't be happy with sitting him. Other owners wouldn't be happy either since it would hurt their bottom lines as well. At the end of the day the NBA is a business and anything that threatens the profit margin will result in action by the league.

  43. Owners are already not happy that KD got his contract and gets to demand a trade. The reality of it is that the owners will not be happy and will seek significant changes in the CBA regardless at this point. And there's a good chance that the NBA would side with the Nets.

  44. The only owner unhappy about this is Tsai. Don't think other owners care that much honestly.

  45. There were reports all year about owners being mad about the Ben Simmons situation and this one is probably worse, it's not specific to KD it's about player empowerment. This has already been a problem for a few seasons now

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