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Densium 4+ v2 (5.5L)

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  1. You could expand this into tooth paste and other tube based products! Totally useful

  2. How are you finding 3050 performance? Looking to build something similar for my SO...

  3. How are you finding the lauf forks for gravel riding? I'm very torn as to try them!!! Would live some advice :)

  4. Looks amazing, well done!! Does it print in parts like the GW models???

  5. I'd be dead before I see that gorgeous keyboard in the hands of an elf!!!

  6. Delphiniums are toxic. Please be careful about which plants your cute dog has access to.

  7. I'm currently running a BS3 on an Asus b550i and loving it... I replaced the sick fan with Noctua NF-A12x25 and it's much quieter!

  8. FYI! You can fit a full thickness fan on that CPU cooler if you remove the Dust panels :) see pics on my account if you like!

  9. Looks amazing, I've never had the courage to try a split paint scheme!!! Although shouldn't a terminator veteran have a white helmet??? ;) Jk

  10. Can you fit it if you remove the vibration plads on the cooler though? Wold probably free up 1-2mm

  11. Yeah there's a rubber gasket behind the Noctua fan that might give another 1mm and improve airflow

  12. My mate lost his virginity at 25, he started going to the gym which sorted out his insecurity and made him more confident in himself. I wouldn't worry lad, 19 is still young....

  13. You could wait 2 months for the 13 series or the 7000 series from amd...

  14. How long didcot take to make this picture with your list?

  15. Man,do I like this picture format for lists way better than reading battlescribe print outs.

  16. Looks dope, I reckon a pattern on the shoulder shield thing would look great

  17. I must have played this song in particular about 2,000 times on Spotify... With out a doubt my favourite song...

  18. Honestly love how it looks rn. Exhaust might work better though.

  19. Yeah I reckon you're right! Waiting for some RGB fans to go under the rad... Should look dope

  20. Wow, please share the result when its ready

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