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  1. Tunnel. Tunnel hard. They’re literally asking for it.

  2. Out of all survivors they’re the ones that troll the most or just ruin my day lmao. I have yet to find a genuinely fun Steve to play against.

  3. Meme is also wrong, they made the map smaller but added a bunch of god pallets, and since main is super strong but on the side of the map instead of the middle, chasing anyone who runs main is a huge waste of time.

  4. I’ve found the exact opposite. It’s much easier for me to patrol but then again everyone has their opinions.

  5. Another original chapter? This might be the third nail in the coffin.

  6. When your explaining your feelings and they respond with “well I’m telling you the reality.” Like no shit but I’m still human.

  7. At this point I’m so tired of Marvel movies that I can’t even keep up.

  8. Honestly the detail is toned down due to the darkness of the shot.

  9. I really liked about half of this movie. I found it also somewhat boring and forgettable.

  10. I agree for the most part. I really liked the ending and the opening and that unforgettable car window scare but otherwise it’s just okay.

  11. Fun fact: In the original script Roman and Angelina were killers and he was sleeping with Angelina in order to fulfill an incest fantasy with Sidney.

  12. Glad they didn't go that route. Obviously because the incestuous stuff, but also the fact that Angelina was barely a character at all. I have forgotten who she was when people spoke of her on a couple of occasions.

  13. I’m glad they didn’t go that route for a separate reason

  14. I think having a random actor playing him with Robert possibly dubbing in lines would work. Anyone can physically portray him but it’s the tone and voice that are hard to get right.

  15. I can guarantee you he wasn’t made with horror in mind. He was most likely made with Rule34 in mind lmao.

  16. I’m sorry but does that kid have an assault rifle???

  17. I recorded myself once to look at it the next day and get a idea of what I’m like sad.

  18. I hope it’s worth the wait. I’m slightly nervous because usually a movie takes a few months for post production but this one has taken almost a year. Usually that means there’s something wrong. I hope maybe it’s just a red flag.

  19. The only proximity chat I think would be funny is when a Killer appears in a Teleport or like a Billy zooming by and missing you. Honestly the thought of working on a gen, and a Sadako crawling out of a TV next to me, a deep voice loudly announcing “Sup’ Bitches?” Would probably render me useless from laughter.

  20. I kind of wish killers had buttons for a loud music queue, or a creepy laugh in order to scare the shit out of survivors.

  21. The sheer amount of slurs that’d be flying would make me drop the game entirely.

  22. I think she has the idea for a film but probably is having struggles finding funding considering the K-12 movie wasn’t particularly successful.

  23. There are so many perk icons that I have no idea what I’m looking at.

  24. Anika’s death was at least quick. She fell and died on impact. Poor Olivia felt every single stab wound and most likely felt herself being disemboweled. Anika’s death however is scarier and more emotionally stressful.

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