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  1. This post does not threaten violence or physical harm to others. You can report it as much as you want for that reason, I am not removing this post.

  2. There are good mods out there, thank you for being one of them.

  3. Yeah sounds like you deserved everything you got. Take it as a life lesson and be better next time.

  4. It is, it also has multiple published games. The engine has proven it self, from here it is just peoples personal choice.

  5. 100% Im 3.5 years into developing a rogue-like in construct 3 and I do not regret my choice one bit. Its been very ideal for quick simple prototypes as well.

  6. It was an inevitable outcome. I’ve been saying for years that they needed to pass a bill in Congress or the Supreme Court would eventually flip. We’ve been only one conservative justice away for years

  7. Justice Ginsburg “believed it would have been better to approach it under the equal protection clause” because that would have made Roe v. Wade less vulnerable to attacks in the years after it was decided - not that she thought it was a bad law, just misplaced.

  8. dont bring what you cant afford to lose into the lethal zones. make sure you are able to purchase or replace multiple times whatever you are bringing into the lethal zones

  9. Load outs make it super fast and easy to purchase gear back too

  10. Another huge gubmit agency I've never heard of. Maybe the FAA will waive airline pilots from knowing about the jet engines on planes to stem the pilot shortages?

  11. "So, what do you know about buses?"

  12. TRAINS. Literally we have the solution to our infrastructure, housing and climate problem at our finger tips and we’re wasting time with this

  13. so many abandoned railways across the US could definitely be utilized for sure.... regardless of Autonomous vehicles.

  14. I’d love to know how the logarithm works when road conditions/mechanical issues lead to situations where one of these has to choose between colliding with a school bus, sedan, pedestrian or a house, as examples.

  15. I was wondering that as well. How would an autonomous vehicle chain up before going over a snowy pass on its own?

  16. Nah, he would just route himself around any of the DOT checkpoints.

  17. if you don't have your CDL yet, I think they are changing the rules around getting one soon:

  18. What if you’re getting your Cdl through company training??? You have to do additional training?

  19. I grew up in that area, this is 1000% accurate

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