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  1. Great tune - i dig the violin sound a lot. I second taking out the drums in middle break to add depth to the arrangement. the verb on the snare is a little too much for me. I think you could add more fills to your drums to add layers to the arrangement. Like every four or eight bars you could have a glitch effect or snare roll to bounce off of what your highhats are doing.

  2. For future projects I will try experimenting with adding more fills with the drums. It's a good idea and it might have made the track better. As far as layering maybe I could have tried adding a quiet synth in the high end or in the low mids to add some variety. Thanks for the constructive criticism!

  3. Great track. I suggest to you more silence in the of 16 bars muting the kick and also could be nice more variation in some parts pr even adding some subtle sfx to keep the listener attention but overall great project!

  4. I see what you mean on the middle, I debated doing what you proposed. To me it felt like it sapped too much of the energy of the song. The goal was to keep it relatively simple for this song, but I probably could have added one or two one off sfx to keep the listener engaged. Appreciate the feedback!

  5. This beat feels like exactly what you were going for, except it feels like it was meant to drop but never did. Add some lower mids to your base, some distortion, and put in a pounding kick to go along with it. Side chain the kick really hard to the strings and melody. Then it'll have that oomph the best drill beats have. Its almost there. Just those little touches is all.

  6. This is great synth wave track! I especially like the drums in the beginning. Feels like it would fit right in with Hotline Miami.

  7. Not necessarily something I would usually listen to. Its mixed pretty well though and the sound design is good. Nice house jam session! Also those shades are awesome bro.

  8. This is pretty cool, I really like the relaxed vibe of the chorus you put on. My only issue is the beginning is a bit quiet. I get having dynamic range but if its to the point where you need to adjust the volume its too much. Just up the volume of the beginning a little bit and you'll be set! Nice job overall man.

  9. Bro what's the deal with the delivery? You sound kind of tone deaf. If that is your intention then cool but its very distracting.

  10. I like the drums and the variety of the beat, but the synths/brass that come in for the chorus I don't really mess with personally.

  11. Actually pretty good. Slick laid back beat. Solid vocals. Good job bro.

  12. Sounds almost like bedroom pop house. Or bedroom house. This is now the official genre name because I say so. Jokes aside, the closest thing I've heard to this would probably be some of Caravan Palace's songs. The stripped back production and vocal sampling are similar, but they have more of an electro-house-swing thing going on. My favorite track of theirs that is somewhat close to your style is their track

  13. I liked the groove, but I feel like you need a pad or something to fill out the high end. The melodies later were fine, but it felt like the whole frequency spectrum wasn't being used. Also would encourage either making the intro either shorter or adding more elements to it half way through. Good work!

  14. It's alright. It's a bit hard to hear your vocals most of the track especially the beginning. Your tone is kind of monotone. I think what you are saying is solid though. And the beat is decent. You really need to work on the sonic aspects of your vocals. Keep grinding bro.

  15. I’m having a hard time mixing this track and I need advice

  16. I would heavily recommend bringing up the lower mids in your strings to really give it that sense of drowning in a wave of interstellar sound. maybe bring up the upper mids/treble with the brass/synth pads a bit. The mixing isn't bad, but if you do some of these things the mix will feel a lot more deep and grand. Composition wise I like it quite a bit though, especially the beginning section. Keep it up!

  17. Thank you! I really appreciate that. I will do my best to research on how I can achieve that. This is my biggest composition so far so it’s definitely a challenge for me

  18. It isn't too crazy to do. I don't know if you made this in a DAW or you made it in a composition software like Musescore. If you used the former, you should have access to an EQ or equalizer plugin in your DAW. Try to use a graphic EQ like the

  19. Mixing is good! Not sure what sort've vibe you're going for here, but maybe a bit more variety in rhythm and maybe some more panning to add a sense of space?

  20. I was trying to just do my own thing with this record. If you just follow trends they will eventually die and you will be trying to constantly recapture an inconsistent high of fitting what is popular in one particular genre. If you do your own thing though, you can develop a more consistent and loyal audience that will stay because you have something only you can offer. I kind of agree with your point about panning, it can serve to make the song more interesting for headphone users. The problem is a lot of the time, especially if you are using earbuds and not headphones, you might only have one in. If you have all these extreme panning elements in your mix, it is really awkward and disorienting for someone in that situation and they can't really enjoy the music. Should I be designing my mix for people like that? I don't know. I know I do that a lot and get really annoyed when songs have a bunch of pans I can't hear. But maybe that's not worth sacrificing the listening experience for the headphone user. As far as the rhythm, I can kind of see what you mean. The sample is repeated throughout the entire song and for the first half the drums are very methodical for the most part, which was my intention. I could have done more to mix up the second half though with the percussion. Thanks for the feedback!

  21. I like the synths a lot, but would personally increase the volume of the kick and snare quite a bit and sidechain the kick to all of the melodic elements and pads in your mix

  22. I really like your instrumental elements, but the vocal feels kind of oddly placed in the mix. Maybe try taking out some of the low end from the vocals? Just my opinion though.

  23. Like the saturation on the 808

  24. The beat's not bad but it feels a little too stripped back. If you layered the clavichord with something and added some backing strings/pads even if they were really quiet it would really help to fill out the mix.

  25. Not bad at at all. In my opinion the vocals were a bit quiet, if that wasn't your intention maybe try adding some saturation. Beat and flow were pretty good though.

  26. Feels almost contemplative at the beginning, I like how it builds into being much more bold and combines the tones at the end. Simple but effective.

  27. Bro did you steal jojis video?

  28. I mean as long as it doesn't blow up do what you want I suppose

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