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  1. He was cast as the lead of the HBO Max Wonder Twins movie, which, after a week of announcing, was cancelled because David Zaslav is cleaning house over at WB lol. Like literally only after a week of announcing his casting, they cancelled the project lol

  2. As they probably should have. $75million for an HBOMAX movie with characters that have no interest and a shaky actor was a bad investment. Hopefully those funds can be redirected to other DC projects with more potential

  3. Plus that might be only my view on that, but also the fact that her orbs are really poorly designed as a support. Like her damage orb only does damage, and nothing else. And even tho yes you can use a healing orb, that doesnt mean she should have a pure damage ability, she's the only support with a pure dps ability and it's a really flawed design. If they were to combine both orbs into one big orb that dealt damage and heals the it might be a bit better design-wise. But i think a rework to her orbs might be just straight up better. Plus anything to make her not totally brain-dead to play the better

  4. I like the idea of the orb doing both healing and damage but I like that choosing one or the other on the fly introduces an opportunity cost.

  5. Makes me sad. I don’t care about turds or who is more toxic (they probably both are nutters), I care about Mera. She is one if the coolest females in DC Comics and probably my absolute favorite female hero ever. I also think Heard did great in the role, so it bums me out her part gets smaller. I felt the couple superhero team thing very well done in the first film.

  6. She would be a great candidate for another Justice League movie and could be really boosted to a recognizable name in DC, especially as a female character

  7. Are you kidding me??? Heard sucks as an actress period. I never liked her as Mera even before all this shit happened (literally shit). She acts as if she’s just angry at you for no reason but to be a bitch.

  8. Sorry I should have clarified I was referring to Mera the character having potential not Heard. I agree though Heards acting is really stiff. Gal sometimes has a stiffness as well but makes it work well

  9. Karen deserves another shot at Katana in a decent movie. She didn’t even get to tell her own story, Flag did. And the cool shot of the souls coming out of her sword wasn’t even in the movie.

  10. She wore black boots for her entrance look and again for her lip sync against Jaremi as Lil Poundcake (though she had other shoes on the runway)

  11. But they did Queer Eye which was an even stranger choice. At least the workroom could have play elements

  12. Riddlers followers/cultists and potentially all of Gothams petty criminals becoming other villains followers could lead to the massive problems Batman faces down the line like each villain having seemingly an army of thugs (like in Arkham)

  13. I love runways they’re my favorite part of the episode usually, but with an early ball too many bad looks are allowed to skate by and too many good looks go unrecognized

  14. It's 15 now, personally I think it was fine at 12. It's annoying to be slept sure but it's not nearly as bad as being Flash+FtH or being hooked by Hog.

  15. Agree because the dart was always harder to hit based on aim than say, a hook. But of course pros tend to hit most of their sleep darts so it was considered overpowered with a 12 second cooldown

  16. -Superman is able to catch a plane out of the sky because he uses air resistance to cushion their descent. The air is still there, even if he can fly through it.

  17. It’s always a bit odd seeing Lois and Selena in the same panel together with Clark and Bruce but the idea of them secretly being friends is now going to stick with me. Love it

  18. And it’s so early you haven’t even unlocked foreign trade yet

  19. Multiple queens seeing this and voting for themselves was a giant problem. It took all the energy out of the season. I still like the voting system an it was perfected on AS6, so I wouldn’t mind seeing it again after all winners

  20. ‘I’m dressed as a character from my favourite film of all time, The Wizard of Oz’

  21. Idk if this a reference to the season 12 finale but she also literally dressed up as RuPaul right before that lol

  22. I’m not sure there was anything worse than Alyssa’s Katy Perry. Ru was so pissed that she had to tweet an apology and immunity was abolished forever. That’s iconic levels of bad.

  23. There have been several examples of people not knowing the bare minimum about their characters but this one takes the cake

  24. The Knightmare Batman team was also woefully underpowered. Besides the Flash, nobody has any chance in hell in dealing with evil Superman or the Parademons. Where was Martian Manhunter? Where was Shazam? Those two would have made way more sense for the team than Deathstroke or Mera.

  25. This is why I don’t understand the part where Superman shows up at the end. Are they not all about to get killed before they go back in time and reset the timeline?

  26. …money that’s somehow simultaneously too good to pass up in the present but not quite enough to build for your future.

  27. This market is so depressing when a house is so far out of reach for me but my hourly breakdown is like twice anybody I know

  28. As opposed to spending 1000’s$ of dollars a month to have the privilege to live somewhere under somebody in a place that you will never get a step closer to owning?

  29. Stonehenge was never very serious, although I did manage to build both Hanging Gardens and Great Bath.

  30. Gardens is a wonder I usually try to go for too and I find the AI don’t really build it. They always build Stonehenge and the Bath though

  31. Kenya's unhinged Beyonce.

  32. The idea of Beyoncé having energy and her alternate persona (Sasha Fierce) because she’s hopped up on medication and doing her choreo to wave a fart sound like terrible SNL sketches

  33. Roxxy failing to do Alaska while the real one two feet above and behind her glares at her while portraying Mae West made me giggle the first time I saw it.

  34. Alaska being right behind her making faces but trying to be nice to her friend (like how Alaska is-a good friend) is funnier than Roxxxy’s Snatch Game ever would have been

  35. JoKe Rowling is erased from existence

  36. But HP stays all of her ethnic characters in her series aren’t given flagrantly stereotypical names

  37. What I like about his portrayal is that he made Falcone feel like an actual person, not some Sopranos-esque caricature. He felt like a criminal that could’ve existed among us in the real world.

  38. His amazing acting and his amazing attitude made him seem much more threatening. Was totally creeped out by his interaction with Selina at the club. Also loved how much of the mob stuff we got in this movie overall

  39. And knowing she was giving meta commentary because the producers asked her to ham it up for the drama, makes me love the IM ACTING even more

  40. I’m still convinced he was making fun of Trinity’s speech instead of something RuPaul randomly started saying. I really wish TKB had torn him a new asshole but they probably would’ve made her look bad instead

  41. I wouldn’t say her face is blank. She looks serious.

  42. It gives face you serve during the break in the song rather than emoting appropriate for the performance (and this goes for her many lip sync performances on the show)

  43. The "DRESS" is killing me, and made me remember "CHOC". Can't help but to love this show and this community, lmao.

  44. Placements are so chaotic now lol. God bless the people who edit the charts on the wiki’s

  45. It amazes me that they gave the greatest prize ever to Queen of the Universe, which was a way less popular show from what I know. They should AT LEAST meet that for an All Winners. I imagine that as they are still labeling it as All Stars, maybe they will keep the raised price for the next seasons (regular AS). Maybe that played a factor?

  46. It is crazy how the Queen of the Universe prize was the highest but still could be drastically different depending on the winning queens home country.

  47. Personally I found it too close to being a literal “tree costume”.. would prefer if it was a bit more abstract referencing a tree than “being” one.. but that’s me

  48. I would have preferred an actual, deliberate tree costume

  49. It put the Nerve in CUNT and she sold it so honestly i live. And it’s a great example of one of the worst challenge bombs in herstory and still being able to win the lip sync and slay another day

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