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I'm continually disappointed by the lack of secret caves behind waterfalls in games. I still check every waterfall I can and will probably continue to do so.

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  1. 10 of diamonds. No idea why, but that one's my fav. Always has been.

  2. Ah, New London. Maybe he was itching to get to the Mellow Mushroom up the street?

  3. I have the same box and deck, a gift for my father. It's awesome to see another person out there who appreciates this deck.

  4. I'd go with something forked, pronged, or piping hot.

  5. This deck is heavily underappreciated. I love the court cards and all the blue.

  6. The last of the collection is on its way. These are some of my favorites.

  7. Funny enough I got the cosmos' decks for my kids, and got one of each of the gilded levels so they can split it later one day when I'm gone and they inherit all my cards.

  8. We should tell them we'll ship it back, 6 to 8 weeks to arrive, then when it gets "lost" in the mail we ghost them when they ask where it is.

  9. I hope this deck gets more attention, it's lovely and fascinating, especially for us history buffs.

  10. Since these are all the theme of blown up court cards, etc, which I love, why not make the back look like a feature of a very well known style of card back that has also been blown up somehow... I'm not saying copy the corner of a bicycle card or a superior playing card or something like that but take a style of card back and blow it up, maybe? It's worth a try at least to see if it's any good. I hope this makes sense...

  11. Damn. Still waiting on my S17 haul. Gonna be swimming in Kingdom decks, so excited

  12. If you don’t have any S17 decks. Get at least one I’m promise it’s worth it

  13. Yes! At least if fully closed. I had to take antibiotics that came in capsules. I asked if opening them was ok (because I am terrible at swallowing them) and they said it didn't matter.

  14. All awesome decks. A little surprised Eye of the Ocean didn’t make their top 12 (it’s in the honourable mentions), nor Sensu - but I guess they might not be everyone’s cup of tea.

  15. EOTO was an honorable mention, but yeah I think it should have scored higher considering.

  16. That's actually the old joker before he was allowed to distribute the decks. He had to have "Made in the USA" removed before distribution.

  17. WoPC says:

    That's interesting. On the deck that I received it has "Mode in the USA" in the joker and "Made in the PRC" on the bottom of the box.

  18. But did they fix his gate and his door?

  19. First and third look great! Love the illustration on the second one, but not the layout. Great work overall!

  20. Well, the draugr’s start coming and they don’t stop coming

  21. Yes, this is in Georgia. Probably Cumming. Forsyth prohibits "spirits" sales on Christmas Day.

  22. Couldn't be, I am in Cumming and bought two cheap bottles of champagne for dinner on Sunday.

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