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Communicado Official: Darwin Nunez signs for Liverpool FC!

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  1. Pirates/championship continue to feed the prem.

  2. Is he the first non merc driver to say something publicly?

  3. Genuine question: could this be deemed ‘tampering’ ?

  4. Zach Mercer is about to be top of every English teams wish list next season.

  5. Movie isn’t even out yet and already spoilers are coming 🤦🏼‍♂️

  6. World Premiere was last night, no consistency in the spoilers though.

  7. Movie isn’t out in cinemas for another two weeks tho

  8. Is it just me that thinks this is too early for Arundell?

  9. The difference when you properly fund the 2nd division.

  10. Nah we love him. Was so happy for him today, wish our coaches at the time had actually used him correctly

  11. Maybe I’m just use to seeing the Bath Fans slag him off on their fan forum

  12. I don’t really get how Bayern is a new challenge for mane, as they walk the league every year, but if it’s what he wants, then fair enough.

  13. Munich is very close to Salzburg and apparently he still has friends there from his Red Bull days.

  14. I use to live in Salzburgerland, it is for sure a pretty place.

  15. 100% agree. The second punishment only came around because people started realising Leicester were gonna go down instead of Sarries.

  16. I’m glad to have a civil agreement about the subject, my first response to you is getting downvoted….

  17. No shock, most of rugby reddit strictly believes Sarries = bad.

  18. We’re consistently up there, but my concern is that with the current ring fencing, and lack of stadium, we’re gonna be stuck here.

  19. Leave it out, one drink too many for me, I despise sarries if I can't be clearer

  20. This transfer has been pretty disappointing, always backed sadio, but to see some of his comments pre/post final just leaves me feeling a bit meh.

  21. This being announced at the same time as the Jay Spearing announcement is hilarious

  22. You’re good mate, I pressed the wrong button and killed the trappet in St Denis…

  23. Leeds on the 15th of April is a mistake right?

  24. It's more likely that a production assistant lurks here and provides the talking points for the show

  25. Happy for Jack Walker, went from Bench at Bath to crucial player for Quins, now this.

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