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  1. Can wait for the WWII vintage Lend Lease Studebakers, Jeeps and Harleys to get reactivated.

  2. Start laughing. Saw a clip the other night of a convoy of US6/ Studebaker 6x6 with Kaytusha rocket racks somewhere in russia on a road. They are coming.

  3. My understanding it was going for a parade not to combat. But who knows.

  4. I hear Brazilian volunteers in the Foreign Legion waxed it.

  5. So those Wagners that went home aren't very well integrated yet... oh well.

  6. I don't know if they're aware of it or not, but they're amplifying Kremlin talking points with this insane proposal, that Ukraine shouldn't exist as an independent country. They keep floating proposals to divide the country between Poland, Hungary and Russia.

  7. Yes, I think you're right, it is just another attempt to normalize the idea that Ukraine should not exist independently. Russia get's half, others divide the rest, then russia invades those others, they in turn will learn about not having aright to exist, lather rinse, repeat...

  8. Plenty of people read my comments here. I have the downvotes to prove it.

  9. No not really, when it comes to you, after the first few words of your post, people realize "oh this is this dingleberry again", downvote and move on.

  10. Yet here you are, having a full flung conversation with me. What would you like to talk about?

  11. Nothing really, but always happy to remind you about your inferiority.

  12. That'll be an interesting accident report: driving on a straight, 4-lane bridge (with all lanes appaearantly being repaired from the AFU strike damage by February 23) and somehow managing to crash 4 vehicles into each other.

  13. It is hard to imagine an orc driving while not under influence.

  14. I hope Ukraine does end up legally changing Russia's name to 'Muscovy'...or 'Mudscovy' could also work lol

  15. The best thing you can do is treat them like any other people who just moved in to your neighborhood. Be friendly, be natural, don't make them feel like they are an exotic exhibit or victims that require compassion. If you have kids the same age encourage your kids to play together (but not as charity but as fun). Remember they want two things most: normalcy and their children to smile. If they want to talk about back home, then listen, otherwise don't start the conversation.

  16. Journalist? Try propagandist. A female Josef Goebbels or maybe Julius Streicher. And that’s still being entirely too polite.

  17. We can't stop you, but you can imagine, a fat, hairy, sweaty, bald guy with a combover and blemished skin masturbating to your post. Go on, get that image in your head.

  18. Good, hunt them like Jews hunted Nazi criminals after WWII. No safe harbor for orc murderers, rapists and torturers anywhere on the planet.

  19. Surely you fucking jest. None of those things can happen in ruZZia. The words conscience and respect are not a part of their vocabulary.

  20. Also the word "consent" translates as: "did not run up the tree"

  21. None of this will happen (never did, and never will be), so I settle on:

  22. The only martial arts school in the world with an all you can eat buffet.

  23. Aikido is to martial arts, what Steven Seagal is to acting.

  24. Orc propaganda intensifies. Must have gotten their asses kicked again.

  25. Tough luck India all this Pootisucking and all you got a a cum stained T-shirt. West needs to embargo all modern weapons to India. You wonna be orc buddies? Face the consequences.

  26. Do anyone know how much the constellation of the tank crew is changing in all these models? Does every tank have same crew numbers?

  27. Every tank has a commander, gunner and driver. Tanks without autoloader also have a human loader.

  28. They're not in it for the money, they're in it for rape and washing machines.

  29. Top half of roasted orc, stuffed with sunflower seeds, baked in detached T-72 turret.

  30. When life gives you lemons, you make a lemon smoothie.

  31. That’s not really a statement that you can make without knowing what the actual winter is like.

  32. Nonsense. it would not have been even close, given any winter in recently recorded history.

  33. No it is common sense. Clearly a quality that you treaded for the opportunity to hear yourself vent your spleen.

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