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  1. I developed Osteoarthritis from Multiple injuries to my knee. I bought a Tens unit and within weeks of at home shock therapy use was able to stop taking daily Nsaids and topo creams.

  2. You can't beat a bit of Space Rock. Hawkwind every time for me :)

  3. He'll be with Jesus soon, discussing rape and multi-level marketing scams.

  4. is this a freak windshift or have we got a new fire burning West of Town?

  5. He is like the human version of the Easter Bunny, just a dumb goofy thing that is present every once in awhile and you toletate him just long enough to get through it, or bite his head off.

  6. Fuck Vegas Ice, league should postpone play, literal dog shit ice.

  7. Rolling Rock here in Bend, OR got an early morn, keepin it lite and crispy! Go Ass, miss Ska brews.

  8. Ryan "Rick Springfield Jr." Graves getting chummy and scrummy. Love it.

  9. Thats funny because St. Louis Fans on their reddit are wishing Mackinnon gets "Bodied" , when the Game is not in their favor and thats how they want to do it. Ceying wolf on Jost for Bertuzzo and by all means that was a shit hit by Kadri. As a team that was plagued by dirty hits and shit calls by refs in regular season boys want nothing but a fair playing field, playoffs or not. Wrapping our goalie, Dropping Makar, Slamming Sammy to the boards feet first is unnaceptable. There is so much at stake in the league for those competing and nobody wants to have a season ended by careless play. Repeat offenders will be under the gun with the league amd Kadri might be struck with a suspension but I think the referees are just as guilty allowing this type of play to not be called until someones lying face down. A push becomes a shove and so it goes.

  10. I agree. It's the same mentality that resulted in the infamous and horrific Steve Moore-Todd Bertuzzi incident. The league missed the boat with Tom Wilson, and now have to serve an appropriate lengthy and financially punitive suspension to Kadri. The refs and the league also need to keep an eye on for any revenge hits by Blues players.

  11. Absolutely, I can guarantee that this 3rd game is going to have Blues trying to draw blood in retribution. I hate that hit happened like the majority of the Avs faithful, but in playoffs if dirty play will continue to go unpunished and not be called we will watch the inches become miles in play as the line between flagrant becomes obscured. Hope the refs wise up to the tomfuckery.

  12. Can we get a Zap Zap Peter meme going? Feelin mild desperation for our O and D to shape up for the 2nd and 3rd, can't play like this with Vegas.

  13. our passing is too loose and too tight we need to fan it out to clear our zone and get some muscle on these guys. We have the legs to out skate em.

  14. I love Naz but I feel like he has a vicious case of the YIPs, he makes great plays, but his shooting has gone soft on goal. Is he playing thru injury or is it just dumb luck?

  15. 100%, former Dillon Resident and have been thinking the same since the game started. Pond de La Crem compared to this puddle fest. Even the Silverthorne pond where they just hosted the PBR Pond hockey tourney.

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