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  1. What a nice scene. Love the highlights on the water and the clouds. Really takes the detail to the next level. Great job!

  2. Looks great! Commissions definitely put the pressure on but it turned out nice!

  3. Very nice! I haven’t done a mini painting in a while but I loved doing them! Love the colors. The frame color compliments the whole piece perfectly as well. Great job!

  4. Those kids who spend 21 hours a day grinding don’t stand a chance against you, take them on in a 1v4 and tell us how the fight went.

  5. I’m fighting 2 squads at once as I’m typing this aaaaaaaaaaaand I just got the sweet victory royale. Too easy.

  6. In all seriousness, video game guides are completely obsolete in the internet age, especially for live service games where the mechanics could change month to month.

  7. Lol this thing has SO many things that aren’t even part of or relevant to the game anymore.

  8. I guess I’m doing something right if someone is reposting my work 😅 I’m especially loving the dark web fans watermark 🙄

  9. These are great! I love wood textured things. What’s your process for making one if you don’t mind me asking?

  10. Overall, yes. I started with acrylics when I got into painting and while I did like how fast it dried in some scenarios, it just didn’t flow together with other colors how I liked because of that. It took me a little while to get used to painting with oils, but now I’m able to get much better color gradients and contrast than I could with acrylic. I mix my oil paint with liquin, so it only takes about a day to dry. Great for blocking in colors and layers one day, then coming back to add detail the following days.

  11. I was always recommended Prussian Blue instead of black as it has a more natural lightening quality to it.

  12. I started mixing Prussian blue or a dark warm paint with my black paint a few years back and it has helped me out tremendously. Definitely helps tie a photo together having darks that match the color palette!

  13. Very nice! Love your style and composition. Very loose but still detailed.

  14. Wow! Awesome painting. Love the depth and colors. You’d make Bob proud!

  15. I never knew Uncle Rico had a daughter

  16. Not Uncle Rico! 🤣 Lol to be fair, most of the usable references pics of him were from the 70s/80s, so I wasn’t gonna try to give him a modern haircut even though he might have benefited from one. I don’t think he could have thrown a football over them mountains though. That’s how you know if it’s REALLY Uncle Rico.

  17. While it is a beautiful gesture, it might open up a can of worms... Knowing it will not happen/has not happened but being able to see it and picture it... Extremely painful.

  18. I definitely get that! She had already mentioned it previously because she knew I make artwork and had just started painting people in the past year, so she brought the idea up initially. Thanks for looking out though!

  19. That's a very thoughtful and kind gift! Don't forget to sign and date your work

  20. Each painting is stunning, which medium do you use?

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