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Germs versus rubbing alcohol

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Man Saves An Autistic 4-Year-Old That Jumped In A Pool & Drowned

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  1. This is so sad! Are there any other similar healthy options for us calorie counters?

  2. Good. Now lets actually enforce the laws on the books and ticket people ignoring crosswalks, going 70 in 45, cutting traffic in emergency lanes, pulling into the middle of intersections on red lights, etc.

  3. Spa at Bella Collina, Orlando kart center (more of a rush than the indoor places), if you really want to splurge you can drive a stock car around Daytona international speedway, hot air balloon rides in Kissimmee, do an introductory glider fight at Seminole lake

  4. What part of town are you in? It's possible you have a bad transformer nearby. We had a similar issue with Duke. On OUC now and rarely have any outages knocks on wood

  5. I would call them or log into your account on their site and report that you're having frequent outages. Also any time you have an outage you can text them and they'll send someone out pretty quickly to fix the issue.

  6. Juniors Diner on Corinne does and they're usually open fairly late.

  7. It was like adventure landing before adventure landing. I remember playing putt putt and riding go karts there as a kid.

  8. Plant native instead. It is low maintence and actually procivids a benefit to the environment. Check out Green Isle Gardens

  9. That's the plan. We have a lot of paved areas from the previous owner we want to remove and replace with native low water plants and rock scape, but it's a fairly large project so we can't do all of it ourselves.

  10. As if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced.

  11. They look up and shout, "save us!" ... I look down and whisper, "No."

  12. I thought McDonalds acquired them years ago?

  13. I love public transport but I’m apprehensive about using them cause I’m not sure how to pay for rides. Can someone please explain that bit to me?

  14. Sunrail has little electronic kiosks to enter your destination and whether you want round trip or not. It'll spit out a card and you tap just inside the train door and there are posts on the platform you tap when you get off.

  15. 4 is part of the Jacksonville skyline lol!

  16. I just watched a really interesting interview with Spike Jonze about the making of the music video for

  17. Coldplay did this too for The Scientist music video. The car crash at the end is particularly impressive.

  18. Flew right over my house 2 or 3 times, shook it really hard, car alarms even went off... I was like wtf...all I saw was black helis and planes

  19. Yep they just flew over us for the 4th time. Loud af

  20. I saw/heard them. They could be for the opening of the special olympics or they could be going to a range/airport around Central Florida.

  21. They've just circle flown over for the 4th time in 3 hours. Seems like they're running drills. Each time they've been in a different flying formation.

  22. Still not sure what I'm looking at. Where is the pool?

  23. Did you find anyone for this? Having a heck of a time finding someone who can come out that also has decent reviews.

  24. Ended up doing it myself because no one would do it / they wanted to completely tear it out. I just bought an angle grinder, backer rod and chlorine tolerant outdoor caulk. Took me about 5 hours since I had no idea what I was doing, but it came out alright after I painted it to match the rest of the deck.

  25. Not sure if it’s bad but I’ve mixed older gas into my vehicle with no issues. Talking 2-3 year old gas not 10. Add 3-5 gallons to 8-10 without issue

  26. Definitely not good if you care about the long term health of your vehicle. Eventually you'll start to lose power, get knocks, and clog your injectors. It won't happen instantly but you'll end up causing yourself some problems, especially if you do this semi regularly.

  27. We really need more frequent service than once an hour… we also need weekends and nights immediately

  28. It needs to be converted to light rail too. There's zero reason to have a heavy rail commuter train with 3 cars lol. Sure it would be expensive to implement, but it would save so much money in the long run, be quieter, faster, greener, etc.

  29. Afaik part of the reason that it is difficult to do that is that the federal railroad administration has some stupid rule where you can’t have light rail and heavy rail share the same tracks, and right now sunrail shares the tracks with CSX

  30. Wow that's incredibly stupid... Thanks for the info

  31. The Lowes discount special door... Aka what I also have.

  32. You all realize that the VyStar outage is basically banking from 15 years ago right? Get a fucking grip on yourselves. OMG I have to go to the branch and wait in line!

  33. Not all of us are in the states... Kinda sucks to have to pay for an international call just to check my balance / confirm bills are being paid.

  34. What’s that lil blue onion looking guy in the middle right ish?

  35. Pichon-kun. It's the mascot for an air conditioning company.

  36. I'm on TMobile for personal and Verizon for work. Just did a speed check and got 601 down 107 up on my T-Mobile galaxy S22. My Verizon iPhone 12 got 34 up 5 down. In my experience T-Mobile has faster speeds overall and their coverage is roughly the same. Verizon is slightly better in rural areas, but only for voice, not data.

  37. My grass is a phoenix rising from the ashes.

  38. Went for a bike ride and the gnats were insane. Pretty much my only complaint.

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