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  1. dam. i guess this just goes to show that good reps are often better than retail.

  2. no it is only proven that you are not informed enough, I immediately recognized the fake that it was the first, with a lighter color and lack of movement

  3. first is fake, unfortunately the fake coloring is not identical, it is lighter than the original color which remains more on yellow orange ... even the movement, in the replica is almost non-existent, while in the original there is a bit of movement

  4. I ask for help from the community .. I am desperate .. I lost all my savings, for many it will be few but for me it was all I had invested to breathe again in the future, I lost 4200 $, buying 2500 luna 11 May at the price 1.69 ... I was hoping it would recover and instead it collapsed making me lose those few savings I had .. I ask the community for a hand .. I am not working I am unemployed, I do not ask to receive the same amount that I lost but at least part of it. .. to start again with at least $ 2000 busd, if it were possible I would return the loaned amount as soon as I can recover with a x2 that we all know in this sector is quite common, I have been in the sector for more than a year and I have always done things correctly. . started with little, I got to 30k, and then due to the dump go down to 4k, I tried to recover something with luna but it went even worse by losing everything .. I apologize if I'm asking for help because I'm not used to it, not I have never asked for help from anyone ... but this time I feel so desperate to do so unfortunately ... thank you all the same

  5. main difference lower swoosh, then a little color but the upper swosh in the rep is noticeable

  6. the most obvious mistake is the Air Jordan logo that can be glimpsed behind the tongue where there is the quote from MJ .. I could add more material to prevent it from being seen

  7. Yeah you can see that here for sure. I'm not sure that's a huge difference on foot but no doubt side by side you see that.

  8. I can confirm it, I have the muks model and the same defect is present there too .. pity .. truly trivial errors

  9. it wasn’t because of that it was because of the glue stain i’m not that picky u can barely see it

  10. Last update coco 7.0 best batch, second b4t 3.0, third ljr hou

  11. now the moderators have to explain to me why they removed this post, tell me in a subreddit like WTF why to delete this post.

  12. I wonder what could cause something like this,

  13. actually this is Elon Muks, the one who has a special ljr lot

  14. absurd it was he who offered you new shoes or a refund, I who had been waiting since March 24 and until yesterday the tracking had never arrived in germany did not want to refund me even 50%, luckily today the tracking is located in germany, but from this chat i noticed that muks does not treat everyone equally

  15. however absurd, if I had not read the title I would have said that the shoe above was reps with a more yellow midsole than the model below which remains clearer, I would have said a coco version above, absurd that instead they are both legit

  16. I noticed that many recommended the 2836 movement for this model, geek himself recommended it to me, why did you choose the 3235? they say it is more fragile

  17. Try a different tracking app i’ve done this and a tracking app had more up to date info than the carrier app

  18. lol thanks bro, I've always wanted to see this comparison, I see a lot of mistakes, despite being a fantasy couple you neglect them, how much did you pay for them? the truth I would not offer more than 120 for this as there are various errors, if I have to spend more I might as well buy the ts1 mocha and with a brush use angelus' fire red and you do it yourself lol, or buy the heritage and you make your own chicago, easy enough

  19. from this message from satoshi nakamoto it is clear that it will never be "Craig Wright" who has publicly admitted to being satoshi. I seem to see two completely different people, one who wants anonymity and the other who wants to advertise.

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