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Saturday walk in London

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  1. If those were pigeons instead, they would of mugged you there and then.

  2. Nice story, but doesn't really correlate with the question lol

  3. I am American so I only think of black Americans yes. Honestly I forget that their are many types or variety’s of “black” people I kinda group them into one. But I haven’t traveled overseas yet so that could be part of it

  4. Can I ask why you group us as one? When we all have our different cultures, languages and way of life?

  5. I'd pay no more than 100. Depends on how strong I want the vibration to be and how much it'll please my gf

  6. Thank you guys so much for the advice so far!

  7. If you're on London. TFL jobs pay quite well. Bud drivers are on about 30k , Tube drivers are almost double that at around 50-60k

  8. When I say past humans. I mean humans from 200+ years ago

  9. I reckon that , if I didn't pick up a hamstring injury. I could 100% take them both on

  10. May have a few beers a month. Used to be drinking every weekend and now i hardly touch or think my alcohol.

  11. Tbh. This is how I assume everyone looks on Reddit

  12. By never letting me and my sibling settle our quarrels and come to an understanding. Instead she would just shout at us and separate us. So now my siblings and I have a really awkward relationship and don't really get on how siblings should.

  13. Sleep with one eye open. Your cat will defo be plotting his revenge.

  14. If given the green light, yes, most men would want one. Not all of them most would, but a good majority will say yes.

  15. People would do anything for better circumstances. Yes.

  16. These are the buses our grandparents used to take to school everyday

  17. I'm 25 which means she'll be 19/20 which for me is too young

  18. The decision you make now are the decisions your kids will remember you by when growing up

  19. The "why didn't Tony just stab him" answer is: does Tony have a weapon that could kill thanos considering the amount of work Thor went through to make a weapon capable of it.

  20. Wasn't the suit that he was wearing though, designed specifically to fight Thanos? The fact that he managed to draw blood from him with a punch makes me think that the sword that Thanos stabbed Tony with, could have worked....

  21. Ahhh, my bad. Just had some confusion. He didn't know about Thanos per se. But he knew of a Thanos level type of being out there. Ever since the Alien invasion in Avangers 1.

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