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In Georgia, there's a stray dog who has made it his job to protect this kindergarten class so they can cross the street safely. He shows up every single day, even barking at cars that don't stop

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  1. Holy hell, I learnt about this in Religious Education. Our teacher read to us two different invitations to two different organisations/causes, each promising a good future. We were then told to choose which one was more convincing to us. Afterwards, it was revealed that the first was an invitation to this guys cult, and the second was a Martin Luther King Jr speech. It was quite idealistic, the first one, promising a utopia-like, eternally peaceful society through God. "Too good to be true" goes strong here...

  2. yeah but why are you not doing monopoly guy at hypersonic speeds?

  3. Roberta is a Latino Name... are you saying a light skin black woman.. was appropriating my cultures names ?

  4. Omgg! Like in assassins creed two when we don't kill the phony pope! So frustrating. But we'll kill a bunch of random guards doing their job.

  5. The fact that you can read " Men commit 95% of violent/ sex crimes against women/ children" and then come to the comment section and complain because I used the word awful IS THE WHOLE POINT. EVERYTHING MUST BE ABOUT THE HURT FEELINGS OF MEN.

  6. I understand what you're saying, I just don't think it's right that innocent men are associated with violent criminals just because of their gender. Also, I wasn't complaining about you saying the word awful, I just wanted to know whether you were saying that generalising men is ok.

  7. What you have to understand is that women are raised from the moment we’re born to “watch out because men only want one thing” etc. We know that’s not 100% of men, but it’s enough men that we have to be on guard AT ALL TIMES, because it’s rarely immediately obvious that someone can’t be trusted. Even when we do think we know someone well enough to trust them, that trust is often betrayed. Shitty people can fake being not shitty for a while. So yeah, we generalize. Because it’s not all men but it’s sure as hell A LOT of fucking men. Don’t like it, well, you really need to be taking your issues up with any and every shitty man you encounter, because they’re the ones giving you a bad name and they don’t listen to women.

  8. And yet, things like road signs are incredibly powerful clues. That pedestrian crossing sign for example. You would never see that in the United States. It's usually the subtle yet obvious things that make it easy.

  9. „Was für eine dumme“ nicht „eine dummes“

  10. Seek help...for what? Do I go to the therapists and tell them to help with me wanting to go back in time to abort myself? My life is otherwise okay, so what would they help me with?

  11. “I’ve been trying to reach you about this car’s extended warranty!!”

  12. No, take my upvote my upvote is better I promise.

  13. It may not be your name, but it was another guy' "Mr Hands" at your own discretion

  14. Who are you to speak for anyone every asshole coming on here talking about harry potter and downplaying this woman's accomplishments and me posting it have been racist POS, so stop pissing on my leg and telling me its raining

  15. Why don't you mind your business. Their previous racist comment got deleted

  16. "False, and not true" my speaking skills are awful but even I could do better than this sentence

  17. how do these get 900+ upvotes n stuff that is actually drawn get no more than 100

  18. Like, there's more interaction with the posts.

  19. I think it's because of all the comments, so it's shown to more people.

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