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This whale has built up years of trust with this boat captain at the calving lagoon of Ojo de Liebre to remove lice from it’s head.

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  1. I honestly thought they were trying to play Cornfield Chase at the beginning, which I love, but come on, people, be original.

  2. May need to rethink my song Wheatfield Follow.

  3. Do TikTok people get more money if you watch longer, because so many of these have some wait-for-it titles?

  4. I appreciate her dedication to the bit.

  5. I just had to explain this to my wife. Sometimes you slip and fall, next thing you know, BAM! you're wearing a dress and on your knees sucking on the neighbors sausage. Look, it could happen to anyone, get over it Becky. Come back home please...

  6. Yeah, who’s gonna turn down barbecue?

  7. I don't really like the guy, but this one was fair enough, he handled it very well.

  8. Same. Dude handled that extremely well. Including the way he holds the guy’s wrist so he couldn’t run away and speaks to him directly but calmly. Impressive ability to not give them what they wanted.

  9. Lol I went to a march madness session last week, 15 dollars a ticket after all the bullshit fees. One beer was 12 dollars. lmao.

  10. Does that mean you saw a game? And how much was the ticket with the fees?

  11. And (doesn’t really apply here) how tolerant people are of absolute assholes.

  12. Dude is misusing atheist but for the life of me I can’t figure out what was intended.

  13. It’s a thing, sure. But there’s nothing “of course” about this.

  14. It had to do with insurance so naturally it must be bullshit

  15. I’m rarely a Lamborghini fan, but fuck that’s beautiful.

  16. Right Whale Armor would be a pretty cool band name.

  17. Go grocery shopping, get shot by Angry whites

  18. As a white, I’m much more concerned about folks who look like me than those who don’t. Hillbilly ass motherfuckers more in love with cosplaying the Old West than in dealing with their own emotions. So many nopes.

  19. Right so based on your logic Excel is intelligent

  20. It’s better at math than my sister.

  21. First time I hear an update about someone who won Tinder!

  22. We don’t know how dirty her mouth was.

  23. Gonna need Wiggins back to have a chance.

  24. And GP2. And some exorcism for whatever keeps happening on the road.

  25. FWIW: Castro has detached earlobes, which are dominant. Neither Pierre nor Justin does.

  26. Honest question: what’s a man movie?

  27. My dad would say “This is my right foot. This is my left foot. And this is both my feet.” nearly every damned time he put on socks/shoes.

  28. 3-1 final score, no homeruns, all runs scored before the 5th.

  29. Entering the bottom of the 8th, your prediction is impressively not far off.

  30. Zoomed into Houston and discovered that Rice’s station is back!

  31. This is gonna blow the mods’ mind then: social networks are searchable.

  32. Are you saying mods should google every name in case they are famous.

  33. What? Social networks are searchable regardless of fame.

  34. Who figures an immigrant’s gonna have a pony….

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