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  1. TOOL because they are a perfect quad of talent, they all get their moments to shine but their songwriting takes you on a journey. I think Danny Carey is the best drummer I've ever seen.

  2. Came here to say Tool. I started playing drums at 7 and discovered Tool when I was 13 (about a year after Lateralus came out) and Danny Carey's drumming blew me away.

  3. I'm not sure if they still have it but the Utica Zoo use to offer snow shoeing and it was cheap for the rentals. Also there's a few rinks if you know of want to learn how to ice skate.

  4. Rookie of the Year too! Was obsessed with that movie as a kid.

  5. Same, I watched that movie and Sandlot a lot as a kid and I hate baseball lol.

  6. Almost looks like Larry’s driveway from AMMO NYC

  7. It's not. Either this picture was stolen from the owners IG or posted by the owner himself. For those curious the owner is Redshift on Instagram.

  8. I'm not going to claim I was the reason they broke the record... but I went out to dinner with friends tonight and had a few too many Utica Club beers in support of their effort. They just so happened to win. Coincidence I'm sure.

  9. Are you from Utica or do you just like UC? I never see people mention UC unless they're from here lol.

  10. They just started distributing as far as buffalo over the past few years (not that that's very far). Gotta love the lager pilsner lol

  11. I lived in Rochester a decade ago and most people out there never heard of UC but last summer when I was out there visiting I saw it at a couple bars in cans only.

  12. I take that back. There was an older Ferrari in for service that I thought was worth 7 million but after double checking it's only worth around 4 million.

  13. Hipanowicz is disgusting. I would not serve what’s in their case to anyone. Very small selection and dirty/smelly.

  14. It's a shame you're getting down voted. My father is Polish (his dad was born in Poland) and would shop at Hapanowicz religiously growing up but stopped going 5 years ago because it went down hill.

  15. 2,400 people died in the Hajj in 2025? Is that some prophetic stuff right there?

  16. Wait! I've seen this movie before!

  17. I have tickets to Fridays game and I can't wait. The Aud is gonna be LOUD!

  18. I was gonna take a road trip up for the weekend to catch the double header Friday/Saturday but got pulled into my good friend’s birthday party. That place really seems like an awesome atmosphere for hockey. Ah well, will have to put it off until January like everything else. When that time comes, beers are on me! Enjoy the game!

  19. Let me know when you come up! I love meeting up with other fans!

  20. Temple of the Dog, Mother Love Bone, Screaming Trees, Hum, Pavement, Mudhoney are great listens as well; Outside of the Grunge big 4.

  21. Hums new album is so good. I've already listened through a few times.

  22. Inlet is so good! They just released Downward is Heavenward on vinyl. Astronaut and Electra 2000 vinyls are on delay as of now. The band is trying to stop people from price gouging their vinyls. I have them but these I believe are remastered.

  23. I need to get back into vinyl!

  24. As someone else has said, Joe Davola was actually dating Elaine and it wasn't a delusion. Plus I don't believe that Jerry ever made fun of him, I believe Joe ran into Jerry at the NBC studios as he was dropping off a script and when it got rejected he blamed Jerry for it and that's how his whole revenge thing got going

  25. He also blames Jerry for the hair on his tongue lol.

  26. Guarantee you this guy would go like 5 times and half ass his workout and not see any results and then blame OP for not knowing what he's doing.

  27. Ugh I feel bad for my family and friends in Belarus. Fuck Lukashenko and Putin.

  28. I worked a few tours for them and the one happening currently

  29. Not sure how long you've worked with them but I saw them at Brewery Ommegang a few summers ago and it was a great show!

  30. Mumble rap sucks if it weren't for the hot beats I wouldnt be listening to this.

  31. I've never listened to mumble rap. What are some songs with great beats?

  32. Their new album is so good!

  33. I was at the game... Thought for sure I was going to jinx their winning streak.

  34. Both the coupe and roadster have been there since being delivered but they were both covered for the longest time. The owner is a major dick and not well liked in the car world.

  35. Not just an Huayra but a Huayra BC Roadster!

  36. Yup. Pagani put roof scoops on their Zonda Cinque Roadsters back in the day. Now they offer them on the BC Roadster.

  37. Let's play that game. Is a cop right for using excessive force on someone who broke the law? Think before you speak.

  38. There are people on here that would be 100% ok with police using excessive force

  39. Primus when they played at Ommegang, Alanis Morissette when she played at a small venue in NJ, Tool when they toured for Lateralus.

  40. Well why doesn't it sound like that when I say it?

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