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  1. I don’t need stacks of anything to know I make irresponsible financial decisions

  2. It was bound to happen sooner or later. I’m surprised it took him this long honestly.

  3. Yeah, when you live that lifestyle and people are dropping all around you, it’s bound o happen. It’s just infortunate he didn’t die sooner.

  4. My dad used to work for Western Auto at that building about 35 years ago.

  5. This is a waterfowl sub my friend. You’re either in the wrong place or need to explain how you’re using these for waterfowl

  6. I’d say if you were a waterfowler you might already know what these are.

  7. That’d be an inaccurate assumption. Been hunting ducks for near a decade and I’ve never seen these being used.

  8. Then why be an asshat to OP just because you’ve never heard of what he was doing?

  9. Because it is sad and pathetic lol. Trying to pass a 15k car off as a, idk, 200k car?

  10. Nope, but, if that is the Harbour freight tumbler, switch the hose to the top, it will start to leak. Locktite every screw and nut that is accessible. And a rubber mat (think the material that they use in horse stalls) greatly cuts down on noise.

  11. Little drain hose coming out of the hopper. You can see it in the first photo. It can be in screwed out with a wrench and there's a plug on the top that it can be switched to.

  12. I have a the smith tri sharpener and works ok but I can't keep the edge on there I'm fairly new to sharpening tho and I just learned you have to get rid of the bur anyway what are you trying to sharpen and at what angle and how long are you grinding away on that edge and what kind of steel are you trying to sharpen if it cheep Chinese steel it can't hold that bur to make a razor edge and if your using the wrong angle and not keep it consistent you can end up ruining the edge on the blade and when you keep grinding that steel your removing metal if you keep on doing that youl brake the bur and you have to start all over and have you tried reprofiling if it's and now you can't get the edge back it takes a while to make the edge back up as with my experience with sharpening stones

  13. The only way to settle this debate would be too look up the knife. Basically, is this what you think it is, or is it just faked to look like what you think it is?

  14. No reason to be a dick, I wasn’t trying to be. Just made the comment that your pic didn’t look like a sweep wing F-14. The picture is pretty crappy.

  15. I do it the same way I do .458SOCOM; reload. Save your brass, look for sales on bullets, and everything else is good. If you shoot subs, as you should with either of these calibers, your powder actually stretches a bit further.

  16. What do the directions for the paint say. I assume this is a spray can lacquer. Many I have used are recoats after 30 minutes or so and after that you have to wait a week or so to do any more. This looks like too much too soon.

  17. I have tried almost exactly this procedure and the casing still gets stuck. I think I need a different lube

  18. The best case lube you will ever use is Hornady Unique. Don’t mess around making custom stuf and asking about will this work or will that work better. Hornady Unique is hands down the best case lube you’ll ever use. It makes even resizing my .458 SOCOM a breeze. For roughly $5 you’ll get a tub about the size of two Copenhagen cans and that amount will out last you.

  19. The second you start it that surface rust is gunna fuck right off lol. Not a huge deal its not pitted, just dump some oil on top button it up and start it imo

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