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  1. I have noticed this attitude problem in a few of the girls I've spoken to.

  2. Yellow onions help get the taste right and you need at least 45 minutes to get them really caramelized. Use a nonstick pan and stir them around every few minutes. The time is really the secret though. Those onions are on there for a long while.

  3. that makes sense, ill try them that long. any tip for the cheese? i could just buy regular kraft american, but i think i read in n out uses their own cheese

  4. I can usually get mine to a satisfactory state in about 15-20 minutes (that's using just one onion and continually turning them to brown evenly). I've never tried cooking them for longer because I eventually get too hungry and decide "Well, that's good enough". XD

  5. Does In n out use regular american cheese that i could buy from the store?

  6. You base it on the vibe and your prayer and take a leap. Really knowing someone takes years anyway

  7. I feel the same way, but a few girls i've talked to have a different thought and think you can know someone by just daily talking.

  8. The other sects part is a good one - there are a lot of people who say things like "shias are our brothers, one ummah, etc" - it is said out of ignorance sometimes, but it might be important to see their stance.

  9. He was 181 when he was drafted though? And google says he's 190 for whatever thats worth. So maybe he was weighed more recently.

  10. Even 10 lbs of lean muscle is a lot, especially with how much cardio they do. Plus as guards their workouts aren't necessarily designed to bulk up. I'd put Steph 190 or less. Harden 230 or less, although Harden does look bigger than when he was drafted, add 5 lbs of beard and you're at 235.

  11. Hmm...true. Kyrie weighed in at 191 at the combine and I think Steph has more muscle. For Harden, he weighed in at 222. He has definitely bulked more than just 8 or so lbs. He looks noticeably bigger.

  12. Do you work for seat geek? I’m looking at a game and looked between seatgeek, tm, and stubhub and seat geek is most expensive when taking into consideration fees and everything.

  13. I did a very similar hairstyle by growing it very very long, then perming it with very tight curls. Oubre specifically has extremely long hair, so to go that route, you'd have to really grow it out. I was very very happy with mine though

  14. Any chance you have a picture? Very curious to see how you did it. Of course you can blur out face lol

  15. Genetics + curl sponge + with a twist out and tons of curl product. Mostly genetics tho.

  16. curl sponge and twist out achieve two totally different looks though

  17. No, it’s a great question! I developed it from the way I stand, sit, drive, just like everybody else. “Training” doesn’t mean working out 12 hrs a day, although I do work out a lot. However, it’s easy to miss APT as a source problem, you can get really really deep in squats which seems like a good thing but isn’t (hamstrings overtaxed and quads overextended) and there are plenty of ways to power through moves using big legs/shoulders and never notice APT.

  18. thanks, do you happen to know any ways to loosen up my ankles? I feel like my ankles/heel lack mobility.

  19. Interesting! I have never actually had this question. My first guess is that it’s not ankles, or at least not just your ankles, but also that your calves and knees that could gain flexibility. Usually beginner yoga ppl think their ankles don’t bend into downward dog, for instance, but after calf stretching and several yoga practices muscles are loose enough for heels to touch the ground. Calves are the densest muscle and even after stretching for a few minutes aren’t anywhere near as loose as they could be. The ankle’s mobility can’t really be “stretched”, it’s mostly bone. The huge muscle (calf) that powers and pulls the ankle, though, certainly can be. And the front side of your body that’s being stressed when getting deeper in a squat is your knees. So next time, spend 10+ minutes calf and knee stretching and see what happens. If there’s any improvement, keep stretching those muscles 2-3x per week for 15 min. There are endless stretches online but my favorite knee stretch is: Start by kneeling with your feet tucked under you (tips of feet on floor directly under your butt). If sitting your weight down on your feet and keeping your thighs straight out (not splaying open) is a huge stretch already, that means you need more of this and you can hang out here. If it does not feel tight, start leaning back. Press the tops of your feet into the ground to keep active legs and drive the stretch into the knees. Lean as far back as hands on bottom of feet, or lay back on your elbows. Again, drive feet and shins into the ground and hips into the air. Let me know what you think!

  20. so since ankle mobility cant really be stretched, what about achiles/heel area? I feel very tight in those areas as well. not sure how its correlated to my apt, or if its a separate issue. would that be connected to my tight calves in any way? does the calf muscle go down to your heels?

  21. So I'm right in thinking that all of these things aren't relevant for my goals, right? And how does OOP tie into data analysis?

  22. Oop might be good to learn just because you'll see people using it a lot and you might get confused if you don't know what it is

  23. But in and of itself, OOP doesn't directly tie into data analysis, right? It seems more so from developers point of view.

  24. Duck feet AND knock knees together makes sense. "Normal" feet have an arch on the inside. If that arch disappeared (duck feet), it's more likely for your weight to cave inward towards your midline, including knees and femurs.

  25. That's interesting that you have both bc usually duck feet are related to your hips. Usually that kind of turn-out (like first position in ballet) starts at the hip - which means the hip, knee and foot are all turned out.

  26. Well to make things more complicated, I also have apt. So apt, knock knees, and duck feet. Yeah, my lower body is all sorts of out of whack.

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