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Joe Biden called Fox News reporter ‘stupid son of a bitch’ after inflation question

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  1. I am officially declaring myself the 46 1/5 President! Ha I beat him to it.

  2. This does not look good at all....I sure hope we get to see him back to his old self in a couple of months. :-(

  3. Man, woman, camera, wall, metaphorical wall, .....see smartest person ever

  4. The governor appealed and so mask mandate stays until the appeals process is resolved.

  5. Not until a stay has been granted, which has not yet happened. So it is not enforceable at this point - but situation can change quickly.

  6. You can stream it for €4.99 on the epcr site.

  7. The last time I paid for that stream the footage quality was awful (poor quality on very good Internet connection), the commentary was utter shite (whole minutes of silence and what I assume to be a very novice commentator), and bits of the action kept being missed because they were playing replays. Unless the money is completely disposable to you I would not recommend it.

  8. Thanks for the advice. I'll probably skip it, without George and Faz it's just not as fun.

  9. Wait...wut!?! I never heard of this 2 metal pot shake peal garlic thing

  10. What do you think this means for Farrells future....will he ever captain again for England?

  11. Balls. People might be divided on his England inclusion but we really need him back for Sarries.

  12. Jeff Zeleny made a mistake including Afghanistan in that question because now that's all that Biden will talk about

  13. Why is Biden reading off a list on his podium of who to call on for questions next?

  14. Because he wants to call on all of the reporters not just OAN, Fox and the hot ones

  15. I feel no different about Jan 6th than I do about the BLM riots. You break the law you should be punished.

  16. I agree with not breaking the law but trashing a Starbucks is a little different than storming the capital with the goal of overthrowing the government.

  17. Now would be the perfect time to do the "The Picard Maneuver" on

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