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  1. The main issue is inflation and COVID. If those two aren't in control, democrats aren't winning

  2. Here's the truth though. Democrats nor Republicans cannot control covid, but Democrats could at least control inflation. And it's not because of what I believe in, it's for their votes. It's unfair for liberals who gets their careers destroyed and it's very arrogant of them thinking that it's not going to plummet. Same as Trump with his followers, he shot himself in the foot. If Obama was president, he wouldn't do 90% of what Biden is doing. It's crazy. Obama kept his speeches in check, and had his own attitude towards things. Why? Because he wasn't old. If we had Biden in his 50's - early 60's, things would have been very different right now.

  3. What should biden do about inflation? Every other country is suffering from it? Tell people to stop buying stuff? Feel like only time will ease inflation

  4. Oh no that would be horrible to learn that America really isn't the greatest country in the world and is completely broken from the beginning

  5. "Let's celebrate MLK Jr. Day by banning schools from teaching about him

  6. Man, Republicans really hate protecting life except when it comes to pregnancies

  7. Rasmussen poll is always off. It has a republican bias. Ironically, fox has a nonpartisan bias.

  8. Republicans are the kids that whine about how the other kids are cheating by not giving themselves an advantage

  9. Fine then, let's not concede if we lose in midterms. Would yall be fine with that? Of course not, that's not how victim mentality works

  10. I don't normally downvote, but when i do, it's MAGA trolls like you

  11. Voting rights needs to go to a vote. Maybe two Republicans will surprise us. We need to get these people on record either way.

  12. Definitely not. Every republican voted against the freedom to vote act. The only one who did was Murkowski and that was for the john lewis bill.

  13. Not holding my breath, but I still want the traitors to democracy on record. Then we need to hammer on it, every day. The POTUS Twitter account is being wasted. This "Go High" business is ridic

  14. We already voted on the actually three voting rights legislation, all blocked by the filibuster.

  15. It's not going to happen. Take Georgia, and Texas. Both have a lot of dem voters. Even republican voters wouldn't be okay with this. Only crazy Qanon ones would be okay with this. Remember the 1860 election, every single voter voted against Lincoln in SC and didn't appear on the ballot.

  16. But mitch McConnell says there aren't racist voting laws

  17. Biden won by 55 points and hilary won by 62, but go on about monkeys printing fake ballots

  18. Free Market conservatives are angry that big tech is a private company

  19. Maybe if we could merge Ron Kind and Mandela Barnes into a single super-candidate.

  20. Yeah it'll be tough. Only way is if something crazy happens like the SCOTUS ruling on abortion

  21. Dems will have a chance. It won't be easy though. The lack of ticket splitting today, combined with a likely red wave in 2022 means that WI Dems will need a very strong candidate, regardless of whether Ron Johnson wins the Republican primary or not. Preferably someone with name recognition and can connect with the rural Wisconsinites.

  22. Considering that 1 out of 206 people in NYC are testing positive for COVID every day, this shouldn't be a shocker

  23. Fox tomorrow: Socialist/ Communist AOC catches COVID even though being 5x vaxed. Proof vaccines don't work

  24. I believe that all teachings should come from a neutral position with as much accuracy as possible so that students form their own connections and realizations. If this is not done people reach a lesser level of consciousness than they are capable of reaching.

  25. So you're saying slavery should be taught about the goods and the bad? I'm sorry but some stuff is just bad

  26. I think that slavery was bad as well. I’m saying no one truly understands anything unless they come to the conclusion themselves. Being fed a conclusion diminishes the learning process

  27. I agree with that, you shouldn't flat out say something is good or bad. But Republicans are trying to argue that slavery should be taught about the good

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