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  1. Theobromine is probably my most used drug of all time, but that's just because chocolate tastes too good.

  2. I guess you'll just have to make a brominated version to satisfy that 🤣

  3. Also needs sulfur, so it can be Bromothiotheobromine

  4. I don't believe any of the recognized potential active compounds are metabolites / a prodrug situation

  5. Oh right yes I forgot about all those laws we have against hate speech, bigotry, and being a terf 🤦‍♀️

  6. Ik they not trips, in the uk we call it pinging but yk wot I meant. Can u recommend something “better” then? Idc bout visuals or anything it’s just the way it actually makes me feel happy. Anything similar to that but less damaging at the same time?

  7. It's possible you just need to be on an actual SSRI or something. You could try (after discontinuing the mdma and waiting a little bit, and not taking them together) 5-htp or other supplements that increase serotonin (I'm not super familiar but

  8. People will tell you that water degrades creatine over time but it does take a while, I'm not sure there's much studied about it in the context of the moisture of a food product. If you're mixing then eating (vs storing for convenience) you definitely don't have to worry about it. You probably don't have to either way tbh. Biggest challenge will be textural

  9. Echoing this, animal fats (except fish basically) and salt are the biggest culprits. Especially cured meats like bacon and pastrami

  10. Very true. Your palate adjusts - I used to barely be able to enjoy ice cream if it wasn't chock full of cookies and fudge etc and now sweet potatoes are almost too sweet

  11. oh boy, I'm 150lbs, I cant eat 150 grams and stay in a deficit without being miserable

  12. If I'm understanding this correctly they're trying to claim that the reason they haven't done any pothole repairs is they ran out of money? It's only March how did you run out of money already? Unless the fiscal year starts in like June or something

  13. What types of symptoms were you experiencing, what methods did you try and how are you now?

  14. Oh man it's been a little bit but I believe it was largely difficulty focusing, irritability, exhaustion, reduced metabolic rate, but I think there were a couple other things too. I landed on a stack of omega 3s, phosphatidylserine, ginkgo, skullcap, l-theanine, and rhodiola. Admittedly I started them all at the same time so I can't isolate which one is most effective but I think the skull cap is probably the one I noticed the most if I miss it. That last part is a bit more speculative tho

  15. Hi! Just wanted to let you know that you can take up to 400mg L-Theanine daily. My doc has me on 200mg AM and PM. I use Jarrow brand. Great stuff!

  16. It's true. After while you realize all the things you're afraid of happening either never were going to happen or wouldn't really matter if they did. A lot of times the fear of an outcome is more harmful than that negative outcome itself would be if you just like let it happen

  17. You're more likely to run into issues I think from the other xanthines, theobromine and theophylline. Theobromine in particular is much more strongly a cardiac stimulant than anything else - contrast with caffeine's CNS stimulation and theophylline's action as a bronchodilator. The theobromine strain on your heart would likely be the first problem you run into if you're megadosing cocoa

  18. I almost feel like not including the recipe in the article makes it clickbait lol

  19. Nerve healing needs lot of rest and multivitamins like b is supreme in this,not physiotherapy

  20. Okay but this is a supplements subreddit so, here, in this post, I'm tackling that angle

  21. U can still take all supplements u have mentioned,and then take lot of rest....then see results...i think it will improve....

  22. Some people have a bad reaction to it and start feeling burnt out after a while so make sure you watch yourself for symptoms and stop if you get any. Haven’t tried lions mane myself just what I read

  23. A good night of binge drinking helps this, I shit you not. Consistently works for me

  24. So the solution is an influx of micropharmacies specializing in dispensing just this kind of controlled medication? Seems like a security nightmare tho. Maybe delivery only

  25. Almost anything besides alcohol should be fine. Antabuse inhibits acetaldehyde dehydrogenase and I don't know of any other recreational drugs that interact with that. So you've got a huge variety to pick from! If you want something similar to alcohol there are threads with great recommendations and I can personally say ghb is fairly similar tho you have to be very mindful of dosing. Low dose ketamine is also pretty alcoholy. Those are both drugs with physiological dependence potential tho so if your alcoholism is a reflection of a more general addictive personality so to speak, maybe just get some weed and call it a night

  26. Not exactly a protein bar per se but the Huel meal bar 3.0 isn't very sweet at all, esp the pb one is what I usually get. I mean it probably has as much protein as a Clif bar but not as much protein as like a proper protein bar

  27. I don’t really understand your first sentence. AirBnbs aren’t generally used for illegal activity, as far as I know, let alone with express or implied permission of the property owner(s).

  28. I mean like if I had friends over, and let's say cops show up cuz we had the music too loud or whatever and one of em gets busted for having drugs on em or something, am I in trouble in any way? And is it different if I know and don't kick them out? Etc

  29. It’s no different in an Airbnb than it is at your home or any other situation. Just because you’re the one renting the Airbnb doesn’t make you criminally liable. You probably violated the Airbnb’s terms, so you’re going to have to deal with the owner. But, you wouldn’t criminally be on the hook unless you did something wrong.

  30. I'm actually glad to know that is the same at home or anywhere else too as I wasnt sure! Thank you

  31. That’s fine. The main risk with nitrous is it lowers B12 so for people who abuse it often, very low B12 levels can reduce the effectiveness of the myelin sheath on nerve cells, some people who abused it really bad have temporarily lost function of some of their limbs. Just as long as you aren’t doing whippets often you should be fine. A week or two between sessions should be enough. Take B12 supplements if you’re concerned.

  32. Okay that was my intuition but obviously intuition isn't a good reason to make medical decisions lol. My diets pretty high in B12 I think but I'll probably be getting a b complex soon anyway so sounds like I'll be ok. Thank you

  33. What is roa? I didnt test it but the day before 3 of my friends took them ( all 2 pills, 40 mg ) and they said they tripped pretty heavily

  34. Road=route of administration, i.e. how did you take it? (Eat, crush and snort/smoke, boof

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