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  1. This shit more inevitable than Thanos. It would be near unbelievable if this never happened because the system practically has it built in.

  2. I won't be watching the video. I just don't feel like I need to see it to know that a man should not be dead because of a traffic stop.

  3. I don’t know why you have so many upvotes because this is rubbish! The fact that you have so many upvotes makes me lose faith in humanity even more than I already have. I’m actually interested in figuring out the demographic rate in this sub because it’s clearly been infiltrated!

  4. There are over 5 million subscribers to this sub. Of course most of them are not Black. Anyone can vote, even if they are not a subscriber, and reddit as a whole is majority white American. Never rely on the votes to be right because even on a restricted thread, all the haters will flood in and downvote everyone with flair.

  5. Y'all tripping cuz Jesus got the secret to the eternal bag, it's called salvation in heaven /s

  6. If I have to spend eternity with Christians I'll pass

  7. What secret? Isn't there a whole book telling you how to get that? Run me my money and I'll drop a bit of it on a shiny, new bible.

  8. This is what I'm saying. So many people going into dates like they're going into battle. You already lost.

  9. If you are telling a girl about your subway choice, you have made bad choices

  10. I was thinking this, too. He must've been desperate for something to talk about.

  11. I'll admit I'm privileged enough to have the $15 to get a robe at Walmart. If you save up, it'll save you money in the long run over towels.

  12. Anyone have any low calorie recipes? Trying to eat healthy but I'm tired of chicken.

  13. I think I'm gonna make shrimp tacos tonight. Quick, easy, filling, and low calorie unless you go crazy with toppings. My cheat version is to use pre-shredded cabbage slaw since I like the crunch.

  14. I love chili lime shrimp for tacos, sautéed with some bell pepper and onion.

  15. If you're not signed up to the wife package, why would you expect the wife benefits? You get what you give.

  16. Do you hate all women or just the ones who would be with you? People like you that assume the most miserable scenarios tell on yourselves.

  17. Ummm, you’re totally wrong. I had sex one night with my love and the next day she told me she didn’t like it. A one off, but imagine if it was a one night stand where the next day you assume the worst about the person.

  18. Not to be a dick, but are you reading what you’re stating? Your opinion was oppositional to OPs photo, I offered a counter, and now you ask what my rebuttal has to do with anything?

  19. My original comment was in response to the title. It was about getting consent rather than dissent. You gave some personal anecdote that was basically a what if scenario. It had nothing to do with the post, the title, or my response. The closest it came to being related was it kinda backed up my response about getting consent.

  20. Are you talking about hominy maybe? I can't see why you would soak and rinse grits unless you wanted to get rid of all the flavour and starch.

  21. Sugar in grits... I must have died and gone to hell.

  22. Nope, just the south though I can see how you got them mixed up. Temp's the same.

  23. Check into a convent, sis. City girls down unrecoverable thanks to you.

  24. Hostels aren't free nor is getting to them free. You can for sure travel cheaply but cheap still costs money and the means to just up and go somewhere.

  25. Any free tshirt makes for great pyjamas. I like to use the ones I win in pubs. I do too much thrashing in bed to wear cute lingerie. I'll end strangling myself in the straps or something.

  26. Because if it was easy, trolls would do it. What would be the point of getting verified if every single person that put on digital blackface could do it?

  27. Obviously they are. People prefer to believe in old myths

  28. Some people like having cervical stimulation but that does not make it the g spot. It's a shame how many women don't know their own bodies.

  29. I don't know. There were always "fast" kids. We just don't hang out where the kids are to see how most of them really are still kids. Besides it was just a generation or two ago they were dropping out of school to support their families at 14 and had families of their own 5 years later. The notion of an extended adolescence is kinda new.

  30. Yeah a lot of people are conveniently forgetting the mid 2000s days of tween girls rolling up their Sofee shorts and getting their belly buttons pierced.

  31. Every generation believes the generation after them is the worst ever and they were the last good generation. Nothing new in that

  32. I mean technically Melanie if you want to split hairs, but she is typically professionally credited as “Thandie”.

  33. Not any longer. She changed her professional name to Thandiwe a while ago.

  34. People crushing OP with downvotes but it was only August 2021 that she professionally changed it’s not like it’s been 10 years

  35. 🤷🏾‍♀️ The only thing people seem to dislike more than corrections are people who can't take correction.

  36. Don't forget to go lay down afterwards or it won't work.

  37. I really hope this was on daylight savings day or something and they met an hour earlier. Nine minutes to meet up, fuck, and finish is sad for multiple reasons. But ngl, I need to hear whatever rizz got her to 180

  38. He was on a time crunch.. met up with her and finished up quick because he had to get home to his wife. Call him the minute man all you want, but he loves his wife and wanted to spend time with her!

  39. Somebody has to get eaten. Better get on The Gatekeeper's good side in advance lol.

  40. Why bother getting on the good side of someone whose plan is to run? All they're gonna do is outrun you. Better get on the side of someone who can fight or roll with a squad of slow people you can outrun your damn self.

  41. Then it won't matter how fast I hightail it up the stairs, will it?

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